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Ready to work with the veterans

JuJu Smith-Schuster isn't the first wide receiver from USC that the Steelers drafted. There have been a few others, including one well known to Steelers Nation, Hall of Famer Lynn Swann.

Swann is the athletic director at USC, and knows his former team is getting a good player in Smith-Schuster.

"JuJu works hard, he trains hard," said Swann. "He's got the size, he's got the strength, and he's got the attitude. In JuJu you have a guy who has versatility."

Smith-Schuster, the team's second-round pick, is a player who isn't afraid to make a tough catch, who doesn't mind blocking, and from the sounds of things will fit right into the mold of a Steelers' receiver.

"I like just going in there and hitting people, digging them out," said Smith-Schuster. "That's what you do at USC, you block because that's what you have to do. Not everyone is physical or likes to block, but that's one thing I have passion about.

"When it comes to playing ball, the game that I love, and being on the field, my mentality changes. That is how I am. I just want to win. I hate losing." 

Smith-Schuster is still getting settled in, along with all of the other rookies, but he is already somewhat familiar with his new teammates, thanks in part to NFL highlights and playing the Madden video game. And with OTAs starting this week, he will be working closely with them.

"I came to the place that's a perfect fit for me, to have Antonio Brown as a mentor and all the other receivers," he said. "It's crazy I will be playing with guys I watched on television. I used to watch Antonio Brown highlights I used to play them a lot on Madden and I'm about to be playing on the same team as them—that's the crazy part. It's really cool. And then, I have Ben Roethlisberger as a quarterback. It couldn't have been a better fit anywhere else.

"The organization here is like family. I heard it's not the same everywhere else, but we all came here to do one thing and that's to win. They win Super Bowls here, have the most Super Bowls."

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