RBs set to give 'Uncle Snoop Dogg' a break


There is no doubt DeAngelo Williams has been effectively carrying the load for the Steelers ground game since Le'Veon Bell was lost for the season with knee injury against the Bengals.

But like any player, he is going to need a breather as the team heads into the stretch run of the season.

And when Williams, the guy some of the running backs refer to affectionately as "Uncle Snoop Dogg," needs that breather, Isaiah Pead and Jordan Todman plan on stepping in.

"They are ready," said Williams, laughing at the nickname they gave him. "They have been preparing for the last few weeks. The bye gave us even more time to catch up on things. I definitely think they are ready."

Coach Mike Tomlin said earlier this week the two have definitely made progress, and that the bye week did in fact give them needed extra practice reps.

"We call him 'Uncle Snoop Dogg,'" laughed Pead. "But seriously, it will be good to give DeAngelo a break, get in there and contribute. We are on a six game stretch and hopefully headed to the playoffs and we are ready to get in there and do whatever we can to help."

Being ready has been the key. Both have been working on getting more comfortable in the offense and feel like they have reached a point where they are.

"I am coming along well," said Todman. "It's time. I feel very comfortable going in and giving him spells. When he needs that time, hopefully my number is called and I will be ready to showcase it.

The Steelers prepare for the week 12 matchup against the Seattle Seahawks.

"I have been working, putting it out there and showcasing in practice. I have been working and working at it. I am ready to get called on Sunday and ready to perform."

Todman, who was just before the start of the 2015 season, has only four carries for 22 yards this season and is itching to get more.

"I am pretty anxious," said Todman. "It's something that you are eager for, you strive for, you want. That is what we all work for, to get better at our craft and go out there and showcase it and help our team in any way possible.

"You just know when you do get that call to be ready to answer it. Those are your opportunities to do so, when those calls come. When my number is called, I will be ready to answer."

Pead, who was signed on Nov. 2, has yet to be active for a game but he is much more comfortable in the offense and ready to do his part.

"I am feeling confident as far as if you were to quiz me on the playbook," said Pead. "Now it's about getting out there, getting the reps on it, being thrown in live action. I am very comfortable and confident in the playbook.

"The more reps you get, the more plays you get without being coached, it helps. You get things corrected afterwards, but I am ready to go."

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