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Ravens talking about Ben & rivalry

This week will be a classic AFC North battle when the Steelers take on the Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

The Steelers hold the lead in the AFC North at 4-3, but the Ravens are close behind at 3-4 and boast the No. 4 ranked defense in the NFL.

Ravens' coach John Harbaugh has his defense preparing for whoever starts at quarterback for the Steelers, including Ben Roethlisberger.   * *"I would anticipate that we'll prepare as if he's going to play," said Harbaugh. "The offense doesn't change that much if Landry Jones is in there. Obviously, they're different players. Ben is Ben, and we respect him tremendously. We'll operate under that assumption."

Linebacker Terrell Suggs is convinced that Roethlisberger will play, and joked about expecting nothing different.

"I have seen this movie before," said Suggs. "We all know who is playing. He is going to be like, I did individual today, I am not sure about drills. We know No. 7 is going to be out there just like No. 55 is going to be out there on our side. Tell Ben he is not fooling anybody. We are definitely preparing for No. 7."

More from the Ravens:

Linebacker Terrell Suggs on the success the Ravens have had recently against the Steelers and Roethlisberger:
"I don't think we have. They are still a successful organization over there. They still have that high-powered, flying offense. Sometimes it's just luck. We get lucky sometimes.

"We haven't mastered anything. If you look at the two games last year it was some fortunate things that happen for us throughout the course of the game. It had nothing to do with schematics. You can't say we mastered anything."

Coach John Harbaugh on the Steelers-Ravens rivalry and if it's still as strong as it was before:
"I am sure it's pretty much the same. It's a lot at stake. It means a lot to me personally and to our guys. It seems that Pittsburgh feels the same way. It's a very important game."

Suggs on the Steelers-Ravens rivalry and how strong it still is:
"The characters in this television show have definitely changed. Remember this used to be a game where all the 30 other teams tuned in. When you lose an Ed Reed or a No. 43 (Troy Polamalu) and No. 86 (Hines Ward), it loses some.

"You still have No. 53 (Maurkice Pouncey), he is part of the old days, No. 92 (William Gay) is one of them. I think you see something in No. 66 (David DeCastro) and No. 73 (Ramon Foster). You have some guys that you all knew what you were doing when you went out and got them."

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