Opponents on Steelers

Ravens are talking about Mason, Devin & 'hate'

The Steelers will host their second consecutive AFC North matchup on Sunday at Heinz Field when they take on the Baltimore Ravens.

It's a rivalry that has a long history, and while some of the names have changed on both sides, the intensity is something that will always be there.

"The stadium is still amazing. They still stand for what they stand for," said Ravens Coach John Harbaugh. "The Steelers are the Steelers. The Ravens are the Ravens. I don't think that is ever going to change. What these two great organizations mean to the National Football League and what this rivalry means to sports. I think it's one of the greatest. I believe in this rivalry. I think it is one of the greatest rivalries in sport. The faces are going to change, but the history is not going to change. Those guys are always going to be a part of it. Always. Hines Ward and Ed Reed. Those guys are always going to be a part of it. Now it's just adding to it. It's not taking anything away from it."

Harbaugh, as well as several Ravens players, weighed in on the rivalry, the Steelers defense, Mason Rudolph and more.

* * *

Harbaugh on Mark Barron and Devin Bush:
"Fast guys. Athletes. Mark Barron, we played against him a lot over the years, the Rams and stuff. He is a real aggressive player, a real rangy player. They put him in man coverage situations a lot. I can see what their vision is for him and he does a great job.

"Devin Bush, I know him really well. He is from Michigan. My brother (Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh) loves him. He is one of his favorite players of all time. Great speed, aggressiveness, nose for the ball, sideline-to-sideline. They added all of that speed in there and I think it's been good for the Steelers."

Marquise Brown on the Steelers-Ravens rivalry:
"I've watched my fair share. It was a great game, always came down right to the end. Physical game. It's always a tough one."

Harbaugh on if they will prepare for the wildcat or simply for Mason Rudolph in the passing game:
"The answer is both. We have to prepare for it. We have to look at the other things that may come up that is in the realm of their basic structure and what they do and who their players are."

Pernell McPhee on the Steelers-Ravens rivalry:
"We hate each other. I know for sure we hate them. We hate them. We respect them as men, but we really hate them. That is just how it is. That is the blood between the teams. It's just a taste. We respect them as men. As a team, as an organization, me personally I don't care too much for them."

Harbaugh on the Steelers stopping the run vs. Cincinnati:
"I thought they played really well up front. They have great players up front. Four top level players and linebackers that can really run. They bring (Terrell) Edmunds down. Minkah (Fitzpatrick) can get down there. Corners aren't afraid to tackle. Just Pittsburgh Steelers defense. They're going to play run defense. They always have. That is part of their DNA."

Lamar Jackson on the Steelers-Ravens rivalry:
"Physical, everyone after each other. I just can't wait to perform in it. They play that little song (Renegade), they wave their little flags and stuff, with the little towels around. It was pretty dope. I enjoyed it."

Harbaugh on the Steelers offense:
"(Mason Rudolph) is a young quarterback. He has a lot of talent. They have players around him. They'll try to utilize those guys as best they can, and I'm sure we'll see some things that we haven't seen."

McPhee on the rivalry with different players now on the roster:
"It's the Baltimore Ravens vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both based off great defenses. They don't have Big Ben (Roethlisberger) but they have guys that can come in and get the job done. I know they have a veteran offensive line, pretty solid, they still have some good receivers, their back is pretty good.

"They are still the same old Pittsburgh. They are going to come in with the run game. They have Mike Tomlin, he is a physical coach, so he is going to come in with a physical team. They are going to try to be physical and run the ball down our throats. That is a challenge for the front seven to slow down the run."