Opponents on Steelers

Ravens are talking about Kenny, Najee and more

It's AFC North football this week and that means one thing.

Physical football.

The Steelers will take on the Baltimore Ravens at Acrisure Stadium on Sunday afternoon, a game that always brings out the best in both teams.

"We're focusing on the challenge that's right in front of us," said Ravens Coach John Harbaugh. "It's a tough challenge, but we're excited for it."

The Ravens weighed in this week on the game, including talking about quarterback Kenny Pickett, running back Najee Harris, the defense and more.

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Coach John Harbaugh on what he has seen on film of Kenny Pickett:
"We have a lot of tape on Kenny, obviously played him, seen him on tape all the time. Obviously, he's an excellent quarterback in the system. They've fitted the system to him, it seems, like always. We're looking forward to the challenge. That's what it's going to be. We expect him to be out there; he says he's going to be out there, we expect him to be out there. It is what it is. We had the same situation last week and it didn't go that way, so we'll just see where we're at. But obviously, Mitch Trubisky is a heck of a player, too. We'll be preparing for the Pittsburgh Steelers offense."

Tight end Mark Andrews on characteristics that make the Steelers defense talented:
"You talk about what kind of team that they are. The defensive front is obviously physical [and] tough, all those things you expect from a Pittsburgh defense. At the end of the day when you have two teams like this, and you have that rivalry, it's something that you always have to bring your lunch because it's a tough game. No matter if the team is doing really well or not, it's going to be a good game."

Quarterback Lamar Jackson on what stands out about the Steelers games:
"It's a different one out of the Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals. The atmosphere is different. It's more intense, more aggressive. Even in practice, guys [are] just getting pumped for this game. That's about it."

Jackson on the challenges the Steelers present and why the Ravens don't put up big numbers against them:  
"I don't know. I just said that, too – 'It's different when we play the Steelers.' Hopefully, it's a different outcome this season. I don't know what it is, but hopefully it's different right now."

Guard Geno Stone, who is from New Castle, Pa., on playing in Pittsburgh:
"A lot of memories. It's home, basically, to me. I played my last-ever high school football game in [Acrisure Stadium]. My first-ever NFL game I went to [was the 2008] Ravens-Steelers AFC Championship. Just a lot of things go through my mind. I have a lot of memories there. So, going back home … It's always good to go back and play."

Stone on hearing 'Renegade' now:
"It's still the same feeling. It's still energizing. Even in here, I feel like we get hyped whenever that song comes on, because you know, at that point, they're trying to get the best out of the team. So, at that point, who is going to respond? That's why I feel like we all get hyped when that song comes on."

Jackson on if going against the Steelers feels more physical than other games:
"I believe every game is physical. I don't even know – I've probably played the Steelers three times. I don't think I've played my best against them yet, but I don't know. We're going to see Sunday."

Linebacker Patrick Queen on facing running back Najee Harris:
"Any time you're playing a great player like [Najee Harris], you want to try to get after him. Obviously, when he goes, their team goes, and when you shut him down, their team shuts down. The biggest focus is definitely stopping (No.) 22."

Linebacker Roquan Smith on the Steelers-Ravens rivalry:
"Honestly, it's a rival, and I think it's the best rivalry in football, if you ask me. And just knowing over the years, since the Ravens [have] been an organization, just how physical the games have gone year in and year out … And I remember [from] last year; you're not a Raven until you beat the Steelers. I carry that over into this year, as well. I feel like this season is a totally new season, so I'm not a Raven this season until I beat the Steelers. That's my mindset, [and] that's me going through my preparation week in and week out. I take great pride in being a Raven, so I want to make sure I earn that right, as well."

Stone on what he expects from the Steelers:
"Any AFC North division game is going to be a tough game. We thought the same thing last week. They have one of the best defenses – the Browns did – and this week is the same thing. It's one of the best rivalries in football. You know you're getting the best out of [the Steelers], and [they] want to get the best out of us. So, no matter what the situation is … Whatever happened last week happened last week, but this is a new week. Everyone has a new page and has go out there and play."

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