Path to the draft rewind

They're all Steelers now, the eight draft choices and nine free agents that have been brought into the fold.

But throughout the pre-draft process they were just prospects.

Following is a look back at what was being said about some of them on the NFL Network during Senior Bowl week and/or the NFL Scouting Combine:

T.J. Watt, linebacker, Wisconsin (first round): "The DNA thing is interesting. Like his brother (J.J.), he has really strong hands. He can control a tackle with his hands while he finds the football." _ Mike Mayock

JuJu Smith-Schuster, wide receiver, USC (second round): "In 2015 he broke his hand this is a receiver he broke his hand against Cal, had surgery with a plate and screws and didn't miss any games. And then this year he had back spasms, he had a hip flexor. He struggled but he kept playing and I think that means something to the evaluators." _ Mayock

Cameron Sutton, cornerback, Tennessee (third round): "Another really good football player." _ Mayock

James Conner, running back, Pitt (third round): "During that game, the Pittsburgh game when we lost, it was tough. I think I had probably 10 or 11 tackles in that game and every single one of them hurt. It was a very difficult game going against him. In the first quarter we hit each other and he split my face mask down the middle. He's just a big dude, he's a load. I have a lot of respect for his game and I have a lot of respect for him as a person and as a man and as a leader." _ Clemson linebacker Ben Boulware

Joshua Dobbs, quarterback, Tennessee (fourth round): "He's a really intelligent, bright-eyed kid. As the face of a franchise, he's the kind of kid you want to develop." _ Mayock

Ethan Cooper, guard, IUP (free agent): "I thought he had a phenomenal workout in the field workout (at the combine). I thought he really helped himself." _ Daniel Jeremiah

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