On The Field: Troy Polamalu


Safety Troy Polamalu spoke after Tuesday's OTA session:Re: Health and working out this offseason:I feel okay. Thank God. I tried to work out this offseason. They [injuries] are most definitely a thing of the past. There is a lot to learn each and every year. I'm going into my 11th year. I am very fortunate to have a lot of the different experiences that I've had.Re: Role changing and being the leader on defense:I don't consider myself that but my role has definitely changed. There are guys like Shamarko Thomas, who is a very good example. He's humble. He just wants to learn. The great thing about the people that we have here is that all we are going to do is give knowledge. There is no hesitation. It's not like we think this guy is going to replace someone, like other teams. The great thing is that I think they bring great people in. They are coachable and have a humble disposition.Re: Preventing an injury this season like the calf injury last season:I've done quite a bit of different things this offseason. There are a lot of different rehabs and training. When you have an injury that's bothered you for four years, there gets to be so much scar tissue. If you don't attack the problem of scar tissue, then you are just going to continue to have problems. This year, I have been really focused on that, and I've found a great physical therapist, and I've continued to work out with my trainer. Everything has evolved there and has evolved nicely.Re: Approaching the offseason differently as you get older:Time is not stale. You have to continue to evolve as time evolves, your career evolves and your body evolves. I think when you become stale in that way then it's just kind of a redundant thing. Like if I go in and do my work out, I think that's where danger comes, at least from my experience.Re: Disappointing last season:**It was very disappointing but it's a new year. I don't dwell on that as much as I don't dwell on other bad things or good things.

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