On The Field: LaRod Stephens-Howling


Running back LaRod Stephens-Howling talks after OTA seassion:Is the playbook pretty different from what you had in Arizona?Some things are the same. Some things are going to be the same league-wide. There's a lot of different terminology that I have to get used to, and what coaches call things, I'm not used to it being called that.Re: Working with the other running backs:It's definitely a great group of running backs. They're not as old. I'm probably one of the older guys in it, but these guys are helping me out a lot. They're experienced. They've had game time and it feels good to know that they have my back whenever I have questions about things. They always tell me, "If you have a question just look back and we'll help you." It feels good to know they're behind me.Re: Running backs coach Kirby Wilson:Kirby is a great guy. He's helping us a lot, and he holds you accountable. And that's what I like.What are you trying to get out of these practices?Just learning the playbook and being able to transition to here. Once you learn the playbook, you can play fast. Right now, I'm a little hesitant until I can get comfortable with the playbook.What do you bring to the offense?I hope I can bring a change of pace to this offense. I've seen a lot of third-down opportunities that Coach Todd Haley has always had other places. So, it's a great opportunity for me, and I'm just competing to be able to help in September.What are you impressions of offensive coordinator Todd Haley?He's a great coach. I like the way he coaches. He holds you accountable, and that's a good thing in the room when guys know that if you mess up, you're going to be told about it in front of everybody. So, that's a great atmosphere to learn and be accountable to each other.Have you had the moment yet where he has called you out?**No, I've been doing a good job studying at home to stay out of that. It's been going good.

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