On The Field: Kelvin Beachum


Offensive lineman Kelvin Beachum talks about working at center:Re: Learning the center position:There are some growing pains right now. I'm having some good days and having some bad days. I've just got to be a little bit more consistent. I'm working hard at it before practice and after practice. I understand that it's something that the team wants me to do, so I've got to get it right. My livelihood depends on it, so I'm working hard to get it and working hard on it every day. There are some growing pains but I'm going to get there. It's going to work.What are the adjustments you need to make at center?For me, it's really just snapping the ball. Blocking and working in space and communicating, that's not a problem. It's really the basic fundamentals, snapping the ball and being consistent snapping the ball.How much has C Maurkice Pouncey been helping you?A ton. I got some really good work in with him yesterday. He really helped out, and I made some improvement, but like I said, when the bullets start flying, that's when all the work comes to fruition. During those team settings is when I have to be on point.Re: Taking advantage of extra work with offensive line coach Jack Bicknell, Jr.:Every minute, every single minute I can, and every single opportunity I can. I've got to find a way to get it done, and I've got to get it done now. That's the urgency that I need to have, and that's the urgency that I do have.How much does being position flexible help you?**Coach Tomlin talks about the more that you can do and the standard is the standard. You never know what's going to happen throughout the season, so I need to be ready to compete and compete now. They're throwing me in the fire, which I don't mind doing. I feel the urgency, and it's something that I'm getting done. Like I said, I'm going to work on it and I'm going to get it.

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