On The Field: Ben Roethlisberger


Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger spoke after Tuesday's OTA session:How do you think the Penguins-Bruins series is going to go?I don't want to start talking trash, but we're waiting. [Laughs]. I'm excited. They look good. Obviously, they're playing a good team and playing with a little destiny, too, with everything that's happened. I'm just excited for everything to get going.How does this group of receivers look?They look good. We're working every day, we're knocking the rust off and as long as we get a little better every day, that's good.RB Jonathan Dwyer told us that you have more ownership of the offense this year. Do you agree with that?It's just another year of knowing what's going on. So, I guess, yes.You talked last week about having more input. Can you tell us anymore about that?Nope.What do you like about the offense this year?We're growing, we're learning and we're communicating. This year, more of us know what's going on so we can coach each other up and instead of having questions and going to coaches to get answers, we now can say we need to do this or need to do that. To me that is the biggest difference and improvement I see.With WR Mike Wallace gone and TE Heath Miller coming off surgery, what do you like so far?**Just having guys out here and getting the work in. Like I said, it's time to knock rust off. We're not out here trying to get ready for a game tomorrow. We're just out here learning and getting better.

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