Norwig to be inducted in PA HOF


If you have ever watched a Steelers game, you have seen him. And unfortunately, it's when there is an injury to a Steelers' player that he gets the most attention or television time.

But that's John Norwig's job. And it's one he loves. And it's one he is incredibility skilled at.

Norwig is headed into his 25th season as the Steelers Head Athletic Trainer, but he is headed somewhere else as well. This June he will be inducted into the Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers' Hall of Fame.

"It's very flattering to be recognized by your peers," said an always humble Norwig, immediately crediting the entire Steelers' medical team with his success. "I never considered that something like this would happen."

Pittsburgh Steelers Head Athletic Trainer John Norwig was awarded the NFL Athletic Trainer of the Year Award, which is voted on by the league's team physicians.

Norwig came to the Steelers from the college ranks, serving as the assistant athletic trainer and health education instructor at Penn State (1980-85) and head athletic trainer at Vanderbilt (1986-91).

Pittsburgh, though, has become home and caring for Steelers' players a passion for Norwig.

"There is a lot to love being here with the Steelers," said Norwig. "The Rooney family promotes a family type of atmosphere. They expect you to be professional and do your job.

"To have the opportunity to work with some of the finest athletes in the world, it's a unique job. It's very challenging. You learn every day in this job. There are good people within the organization. And Pittsburgh is a great place to raise a family."

Throughout his years Norwig has seen the job change, the game change, and along with it the challenges of taking care of the athletes change.

"It's our responsibility to provide the best health care we can that is available in the City of Pittsburgh to our athletes and that is our challenge every day," said Norwig. "That is important to me as well as my staff. If we don't provide that kind of care the athletes will have doubts.

"It's important you get good people that stay current so the athletes trust the whole medical team."

Norwig, who earlier this year won the Fain-Cain Memorial Award for Outstanding NFL Athletic Trainer of the Year, will be inducted on June 12 in Gettysburg, Pa., along with A.J. Duffy, the head athletic trainer for the Widener Pride.

"We do everything we can to assist the athletes, helping them understand their injury and what to anticipate," said Norwig. "When you see one recover from a serious injury that is satisfaction for the entire medical team. It's not just a one man show."

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