Nix: 'It feels good to feel wanted'

A week after the 2017 came to an end, Roosevelt Nix reflected back on the season, knowing that things wouldn't be the same in 2018. As with every offseason there is turnover. Players come, and players go. It's just the way the NFL is.

"It's unfortunate that is the way this business is set up," said Nix. "At the end of the day all you can do is everything in your power to solidify your spot."

Nix definitely solidified his spot as he was signed to a new four-year contract over the weekend, keeping him from becoming a restricted free agent when the new league year begins on March 14.

"I am just glad to be here," said Nix. "I am glad we could get it done early. It feels good to feel wanted and to be a part of what we are building here. Now I can start offseason training and things like that with this off my plate, a little less on my shoulders."

For Nix, having a sense of security leading into free agency, something that can be a tumultuous time in the NFL, is a blessing. Especially when you think about his past.

Nix's NFL career started in 2014 as a rookie free agent trying to catch on with the Atlanta Falcons as a fullback, a position he never played before. He had high hopes, but they were dashed when he was released during a taping of the HBO show Hard Knocks. After sitting out the entire season following his release, he signed a reserve/futures contract with the Steelers, the college defensive end signed to play linebacker. Before Nix had a chance to get comfortable at linebacker, another position change came about. The Steelers needed a fullback in rookie minicamp, and Nix made the change. The rest is history.

"I completely understand how lucky I am to be in this position," said Nix. "Where I am in my life, I give nothing but glory to the Lord for that. I know it's hard to do. I know there are so many people who want to do it. I don't have to think about that twice, about how lucky I am."

Nix is coming off a season where he was named to the Pro Bowl, scored his first rushing and receiving touchdown, and helped lead the way for Le'Veon Bell, who finished third in the NFL in rushing. And he is doing it all at a place he simply loves.

"This is a beautiful place," said Nix of the atmosphere surround the Steelers' organization. "I like how it starts at the top and goes all of the way down. We are all cool. Everyone in every position in this building is beautiful and you don't feel uncomfortable talking to anybody.

"The proof is in the pudding. A lot of people who leave, a lot of people who come here, they say this place is crazy. It's not like this anywhere else. I don't want to find that out. It's special here."

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