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Myron Memories Part 2

Steelers fans offer more of their personal memories of Myron Cope:




I am a Steelers fan from Monaca now in the Air Force stationed in Florida. I remember being deployed to Afghanistan in 2001 and every Sunday I would come in during my off time to listen to the Steelers game on the internet. There were a lot of non-Steelers fans there, and I used to drive them nuts because I would not turn the volume down. But by the end of the season most of them were right beside me listing to Myron Cope just to hear what he was going to say next. Half the time they were imitating his voice whenever they wanted to get my attention. Thanks for all the great memories, Myron


James M. McPherson, MSgt, USAF

Kirkuk AB Iraq




He was the voice of Pittsburgh.  Thank you, Mr. Cope, for allowing me to hear "home" every time I listened to you on the radio.  Unfortunately, I don't think we ever found out what a "Brownie" is.  Yoi and double yoi.




I am a die-hard Steelers fan, and ever since I was little I would listen to Myron's ramblings and commentary with fondness and laughter.  I was 24 years old and heard Cope doing his Cope's Cabana postgame show after a Steelers game, and decided while I was delivering a Pizza Hut pizza to a customer, I would also bring one to Mr. Cope.


I drove from McKees Rocks, with a large pepperoni pizza in a hot-bag with the intention of personally giving the pie to Mr. Cope.  When I arrived I expected to not be able to hand it to him, but to my surprise the producer of the show asked me who it was for, and I said, "Mr. Cope."


He was on the air but waved to me to bring the pizza up to him and actually covered his microphone while in mid-conversation and asked me who was it from?  And with awe of this icon … and my boss probably wondering where I was, I just froze and said, "I don't know,"  even though I had brought it.


He said, "Thank you," and began to eat some right there, and share it with Bill Hillgrove, which made me happy.  Although, I never said a word, it was like touching a piece of Pittsburgh history. To the Cope family and all his close friends, my sincere condolences.


John Castellano

Dallas, Texas




When I think of Myron, I think of Steelers football. He told it like it was. Whether they were winning or losing


Phillip Vaughan

Charlotte, NC




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