More good news on the injury front


On Tuesday Coach Mike Tomlin delivered the good news that receiver Markus Wheaton was well on the road to recovery after leaving the Ravens game with an ankle injury.

"He looks dramatically improved from the ankle injury he sustained in game," said Tomlin. "He has a real chance to participate."

Wheaton echoed those thoughts on Wednesday morning, feeling much better after his rolled the ankle early in the game.

"I am good. I should be good to go," said Wheaton. "I rolled it the second or third play of the game and came back and hurt it again. After I went down I was out for the game, but I should be good to go today."

That is good news as it gives Wheaton more time to prepare in practice with quarterback Mike Vick. Last week was a short one for the team, but with a Monday night game there is even more time to get on the same page and come out even stronger in San Diego, something Wheaton thinks Vick will do.

"This game everybody will be a lot more comfortable," said Wheaton. "I am excited to see how he will play. I don't think he played bad at all the first game. I think he had a good game. I think he will have an even better game this week."

Wheaton is also excited to have fellow receiver Martavis Bryant back in the fold, knowing that his presence can do nothing but help the offense.

"I think everybody knows what he brings to the table," said Wheaton. "That is a no brainer. We want him right back in. We are trying to win games. That is what we are focusing on. We are focused on trying to stack wins."

Wheaton is also focused on hoping another team stacks some wins, the Pittsburgh Pirates. Wheaton will be one of many Steelers players watching the Pirates take on the Chicago Cubs in the National League Wild Card game on Wednesday night, even if he admittedly isn't the biggest baseball fan around.

"I am just getting into it," said Wheaton. "I can't call myself a fan yet.

"I will be rooting for them. I will be watching."

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