Moore adjusting from Brees to Ben


Catching passes was a Brees for Lance Moore during his first eight NFL seasons in New Orleans. But since signing on with the Steelers, it's a whole new ballgame now that Ben Roethlisberger is launching footballs in Moore's direction rather than the Saints' Drew Brees.

Check out photos of wide receiver Lance Moore, who the Steelers agreed to terms with on a two-year contract. (Photos by AP.)

"They're different style quarterbacks," Moore observed today during a lull at the Steelers' practice facility. "I would say Ben's got a little bit stronger arm, maybe a lot stronger arm. Just from a couple of days throwing with him here, that's something that kind of jumps out at me. If you're kind of, I call it lazy with your eyes, that ball will zoom right past you.

"That's something I'll have to adjust to. I feel like the quarterback should never have to really adjust to the receiver. The receiver should make those adjustments and make things right with the quarterback, because he's the one pulling the trigger. And if they're waiting on you, it's going to make it tough to get things done.

"I've been around long enough. I've played with, at least in practice, a bunch of different quarterbacks who have different styles. The more we work together, the smoother that will be."

Moore spoke after completing his "second or third" throwing session with Roethlisberger.

"Today we were on the field doing more play stuff, not just throwing routes and stuff like that," Moore said. "That was kind of cool, to bring that aspect in so early (during Phase I of the offseason program) and try to get a leg up on what's going on when we start doing more team organized activities here pretty soon.

"The quarterbacks and receivers are out there. The running backs and tight ends are out there, as well. No defense; can't do that yet."

Moore's latest exposure to Roethlisberger is more of a reintroduction.

Their paths crossed when Moore played at Toledo and Roethlisberger was at Miami, Ohio.

"I actually played against Ben in college," Moore said. "The same kind of stuff that he did in college he's doing now in the NFL, just being able to create time with his legs a little bit and make some of those crazy throws that a lot of quarterbacks aren't even thinking about making

"He has a strong arm. He throws the ball down the field really well. I've watched him since I've been in the league. The Steelers play on TV all the time. Even in New Orleans we get to watch you guys play."

The challenge for Moore and Roethlisberger at present is to continue getting to know one another and continue working through the process of developing the necessary quarterback-receiver relationship.

"I don't know that there's a set time frame," Moore said. "The more work you put in, the easier it will get. Hopefully, we'll get that sooner rather than later."

Fortunately for Moore, he's adjusting from one Super Bowl-winning, franchise quarterback to another.

"I'm lucky, he said. "I definitely count my blessings every day."

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