Moats loves spreading joy

If there is one thing Arthur Moats knows how to do better than the majority of the people in this world, it is make people smile.

Moats has a heart of gold, and continually reaches out to others, doing his part every step of the way.

On Thursday night his heart opened once again when he, along with his wife Shonda and three children, went to the Ronald McDonald House in Pittsburgh for a night of spreading joy to families in need of a boost.

"When you are able to bring your family around the families there, the children who are going through those situations, you see the smiles you can bring to their faces, the way you are genuinely able to uplift them by just spending time with them," said Moats. "That is the main thing I love about it.

"My family is also blessed to see how lucky we are to be able to have that type of impact on them. It makes you appreciate the little things that much more."

Neighbors in the Friendship area where the Ronald McDonald House is located provided dinner and the Moats family brought dessert. There was ice cream and all the toppings for everyone to enjoy.

Arthur Moats and his family visited the Ronald McDonald house on Feb. 4, 2016 to share ice cream with everyone.

"You have to love ice cream, chocolate, vanilla, whatever," said Moats. "It's the offseason so I got to have some with sprinkles and chocolate syrup. Everybody loves ice cream.

"Most of the families that are there, many of them are dealing with transplants, they are sometimes there for months, almost a year. They have been there a while without a lot of treats. When you bring things like that it brings excitement and energy to these kids."

It was more than just ice cream, though. It was having somebody come who cares, somebody willing to give their love and time. Moats took time to talk individually with every family attending, spent time talking to the kids, getting to know them and understand what they are going through.

"We are in a very fortunate position and with that we can do things to overall improve the community we are in," said Moats. "The more we can do as a family, the more events we can be a part of and touch people, the better we can help make the city of Pittsburgh."

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