Moats heart is in the right place


Linebacker Arthur Moats will spend part of his bye week going to see his alma mater James Madison University play Villanova on Saturday.

But it will be more than just the game he is there for. Moats and his wife Shonda have donated $300,000 to the University, a portion to be used for endowed scholarship for the university's studio art program as well as a full scholarship level annual fund gift to the JMU Duke Club. A significant portion will support JMU's fundraising efforts for a new Convocation Center, and as a thank you the strength and conditioning area in the Plecker Athletics Performance Center will be named in honor of the Moats Family.

The best photos of Linebacker Arthur Moats from the 2015 season thus far.

"Getting a new contract this season, I felt like we were able to do more with our contributions this year," said Moats. "We always donate to James Madison. I felt like this year I wanted to make a statement and try to get more people aware and enthused  about donating back to their colleges, in particular James Madison since it's my school.

"It shows my kids if you get in a situation where you can, it's all about helping out. I know the donation is going to help not just the school, but the community as well because of the revenue, job creation and different events they will be able to have at the new convocation center."

The donation is one of the largest single-year cash gift in Duke Club history by a former student-athlete, and for Moats, who played there from 2006-09, it shows his appreciation for everything JMU did for him.

"I loved that school," said Moats. "I met my wife there, got an amazing college education and it also advanced my football career. It definitely holds a huge place in my heart. It's my second home."

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