Moats continues to give back to RMH

As car enthusiasts made their way through the Pittsburgh International Auto Show at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, their eyes opened wide as they saw the latest in technology, along with some of the most unique vehicles available on the market.

But there was one vehicle that really caught their attention because it was there to serve a purpose, and there was a familiar face there greeting all those taking a look.

Arthur Moats attended the show on Friday afternoon, helping to support the Ronald McDonald House at their Care Mobile, a 40-foot vehicle designed and built for pediatric health care. The Care Mobile, which works in conjunction with Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, provides key medical services to underserved communities in Western Pennsylvania, seeing more than 1,000 patients a year.

"I love the exposure the auto show gives for the Care Mobile," said Moats. "If there is a family locally and the children have to get treatment, they can come to the Care Mobile and receive checkups and treatment, especially if getting to a hospital is difficult for them. When you think about the auto show, how big an event it is for Pittsburgh, people come from all over the place. You get to expose everyone to the Ronald McDonald House and let them see firsthand what they are doing there."

Moats greeted, signed autographs and posed for pictures for those who stopped by, doing everything he could to support the Ronald McDonald House, a charity he has a strong commitment to, making numerous visits there to spread love and happiness along with his family.

"I love the personal connections you make with the families who are there," said Moats. "They are there because of some hardship they have with their child's health. They are often uprooted from around the country, and around the world. When you are able to go there and uplift them and let them know someone cares, it's rewarding for all parties involved. My children are able to go there too and relate to the kids and see that they are no different than them and you shouldn't take anything for granted. It really hits home for me and my family."

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