Miller plays mini-golf to help a good cause


By Teresa Varley

Tight end Heath Miller hosted the Annual Mini-Golf Classic to benefit the Salvation Army and Project Bundle-Up.

The classic, which was held at Robert Morris University's Sports Center on Neville Island included a dinner and round of miniature golf for sponsors.

"It's a lot of fun," said Miller, who admitted that his miniature golf game was kind of bad. "Everybody is out to have a good time. Nobody cares how they play. They are just there to have fun. At the same time it's for a really great cause. That is the main part about it."

Project Bundle-Up is a Salvation Army program that provides winter outerwear for needy children in Southwestern Pennsylvania and was founded by Patricia Rooney, wife of Steelers chairman Dan Rooney, and Joe DeNardo, retired WTAE-TV weatherman.

The Mini-Golf Classic has raised $127,000 since it's inception and that money is used to fund shopping nights for those in need, including when Steelers players have the opportunity to take kids shopping for winter outerwear.

"It helps when you are able to see where the money is going that you are working to raise," said Miller. "It makes it more gratifying. You know it's going to come into the hands of people that need it and it makes you feel that much better."

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