McDonald's Steelers Trivia Challenge


The McDonald's Steelers Trivia Challenge

KDKA-TV will televise the first program in the 2010 series of The McDonald's Steelers Trivia Challenge beginning Saturday, July 17 at 11:35 pm.

This Saturday evening at 11:35 pm on KDKA-TV, Bob Pompeani will host the first of nine episodes of The 2010 McDonald's Steelers Trivia Challenge programs.  Each Saturday for nine weeks 3 teams of 3 will compete to earn the crown of Steelers Trivia Champion and take home the coveted McDonald's Steelers Trivia Challenge trophy.  A total of 18 teams will compete to win the 2010 trophy.  This Saturday in episode #1 Steely McNorton, LeBeau's Loonies and We Dey are competing to earn a spot in the playoff round.

This is the sixth season KDKA-TV will televise The McDonald's Steelers Trivia Challenge.  Play along with the teams and see if you can match their knowledge and skill.

The winning teams are truly Steelers experts answering questions like:

What is Mike Tomlin's current NFL Record?

What are the Steelers logo elements called?

What did Kent State do for the Steelers?

This Steelers announcer called a record 5 of the Steelers 7 Super Bowls. Name him and how many wins did he call?

If you are a Steelers fan join Bob Pompeani for The McDonald's Steelers Trivia Challenge Saturday Night at 11:35 on KDKA-TV.

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