Maurkice Pouncey Conference Call

MAURKICE POUNCEYOffensive Center/Guard – University of Florida1st Round – 18th Overall

What's it feel like to be a Steeler?

It feels great man. I wanted this from day one. I'm so happy to be a Pittsburgh Steeler.

Did you know you they were going to take you? Did you have a feeling?

No, I had a gut feeling though. But I didn't know it but I had a gut feeling. I've wanted them from day one.

Why did you say you wanted them from day one?

I just like the Steelers so much. All the fans, and the city. That's the team I met with at the combine and I fell in love with it.

But they weren't you're favorite team growing up?

No they weren't my favorite team growing up, but now since I've been to the combine and I've watched all the great years they've had. And I about fell in love with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I can't wait to get there. It's unexplainable.

Are you familiar with the long history of the great centers they've had here?

Yes, sir. All of the last centers in 50 years, right?

Hall of Famer, Mike Webster.

Yeah, yeah.

Dermontti Dawson?

Yeah they are great players, I just want to live up to the tradition.

Have they explained your role at all, when you first come up here?

No, sir. I'm pretty sure we'll talk a lot about it when I get up there tomorrow.

Hey Maurkice did you ever play without your older brother next to you?

No, this will be the first time. It will be something new for us.

What do you expect out of that? I mean twins are supposed to be linked together.

I mean we're so grown now, we're twin brothers, we love each other to death, but we know this is a part and time of our lives that we're going to separate and it happened today. And I think we're grown men and we can handle it.

Can you change from center to guard?

Yeah, it's perfect I can play either or.

How did your parents afford to feed two three hundred pound kids?

It took a lot of hard work. I'm so glad my parents took good care of us. I really appreciated it.

How did you get the name Maurkice, I know it's your middle name? How come you go by it?

I don't even know, we grew up as Michael and Maurkice and I guess my mom just wanted it to be like that.

You won three high school state championships, and a national championship. What is it with you and winning?

I never considered it, that's all I've learned to do. I don't take losing very good. I just love the game of football and I want to go out every time to beat the man in front of me.

Do the latest Steelers problems bother you now that you are coming here to play?

No sir, I have no comment on that.

Can you imagine what it is going to be like playing in front of Steelers Nation?

I can't wait, I know the fans get excited and so into the players there. I can't wait man, I can't wait.

Will you start as a rookie?

That's my plan.

Are you 21 yet?

No not yet.

July, right?

Yes sir.

Who was that with the Steelers jersey in the background of your group?

That was one of my uncles.

Is he a Steelers fan?

Yes ma'am.

Is he pretty excited?

Yeah, everybody was. It was so loud in here.

Where are you now?

Everybody's here ESPN, channel 10 news, were are all here having a good time.

Are you at your house, bar, or a restaurant?

We're at my house.

Any favorite football players growing up?

My favorite player growing up was Derrick Brooks. Ever since I've been playing high school and college ball I like Jeff Faine and Nick Mangold.

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