Love for the Steelers is strong in Mexico


There is no doubt the Steelers fan base is far reaching, with support from all over the United States and around the world. Anywhere you go, whether it's to an away stadium or even on summer vacation, chances are good you are going to see someone wearing Steelers attire or with a Terrible Towel in tow.

That is definitely the case when you head to Mexico, where Steelers fans are plentiful and their love for the black and gold is through the roof.

"The Steelers are one of the top teams in Mexico," said Jorge Loperena, Director of Media & Marketing for NFL Mexico. "Their fan base is huge and extremely passionate. Some of them travel to Pittsburgh at least once a year to watch a game. They never miss a game on television and Terrible Towels are seen in bars and restaurants every Thursday, Sunday or Monday while the team is playing."

It's that passion for the team that has the Steelers returning to Mexico this year to host the 2015 Steelers Fan Camps in Mexico, presented by Pepsi. The team will host two camps, Saturday, April 25 for adults and Sunday, April 26 for kids, bringing the game the fans love so much right to their community. This will be the fourth time the Steelers are hosting instructional camps in Mexico, with this year's being held at Estadio Andrés Quintana Roo in Cancun.

"It's great that we have so many fans in Mexico," said Steelers President Art Rooney II. "We have many fans that come from Mexico for games and visits to Pittsburgh. It's very special to be able to go back down there and have some of our players visit the camp and allows people in Mexico to get a little more up close and experience Steelers' football in a special way."

The camp will include drills directed by Steelers' players, introducing participants to different intricacies to help them further understand the game and give kids the basic knowledge to play the game in a country where soccer is the most popular sport. Among the current and former players expected to take part in this year's camps are Kelvin Beachum, William Gay, Jarvis Jones, Greg Lloyd, Maurkice Pouncey, and Antwaan Randle El.

View photos of current and former Steelers players conducting two camps in Mexico City, Mexico featuring football instruction and drills.

"I think it's important that we do this," said Beachum. "It's a testament to who the Steelers are and what they are about. We are providing an experience and opportunity for people who wouldn't otherwise have it. American football is not a commodity down there. To take the players to Mexico, to go to where they care about it, it's special the Steelers are reaching out instead of them having to always come here and see us. It's an awesome thing."

Beachum attended the camp in 2014 as well, and said he was impressed with the fans knowledge.

"They all knew who Willie Parker was when he arrived with us," said Beachum. "Every time you would be around Willie it would be 'Fast Willie, Fast Willie.' If you had an impact on Steelers Nation, they knew you. It was special. They had gigantic banners for everyone. I never saw myself that big. They knew who everyone was, what position you played.

"I can't wait to go back. I know it's going to be a great event and something I will cherish, like the way I cherished it last year."

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