Leaders in the Classroom Week 2 winner: Brian Griffin


Leaders In The Classroom - Week 2 WinnerBrian Griffin
Subject Taught:
Technology Education 7th-8th and Video Production
Peters Township Middle School, Peters Township, Pennsylvania
Why nominated:
Mr. Griffin was nominated by his school principal who says, "Mr. Griffin never stops working. He is accessible to students and staff members at all times. He looks for ways to collaborate with other staff members and has really helped our staff rethink what the teaching/learning environment should look like, sound like, and offer. Students are more excited than ever to take a Technology Education class. What was once a dreaded "woodshop" class has now become an environment for students to showcase their creativity, manipulate and use new technologies, and display a sense of pride for bringing an idea from the concept phase to production. He's inspiring an entire Middle School to think outside the box and to reinforce the notion that taking risks in the classroom is okay and exciting! He's extremely visible within the school, the district, and the community. He is truly one of a kind and very deserving of this recognition.
Favorite Player:
Antonio Brown

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