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Leaders in the Classroom Week 13 winner: Tracey Ross


Leaders In The Classroom - Week 13 Winner

Tracey Ross

Grade: K-6

School: Intermediate Unit 1 Educational Campus at Waynesburg

Ms. Ross was nominated by her Principal who says: "Ms. Ross is a compassionate educator who teaches from the heart. Ms. Ross establishes professional rapport with each student. Ms. Ross cares not only about her students' academic success, but also physical and emotional well-being.  Ms. Ross is in continual pursuit of technology and innovation in her classroom. Through Ms. Ross's efforts, her class was selected to participate in the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) CREATE Lab Flutter Project, an educational technology initiative involving robotics. Her students used sensors, circuits, and recyclable materials to build robotic birds. Ms. Ross goes above and beyond as an educator. Ms. Ross is always willing to assist her colleagues, as well as myself as the building principal. Ms. Ross personifies what it means to be a Leader in the Classroom."

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