Ladies show support for Steelers

Carnell Lake stood in front of the Steelers team meeting room, methodically going through each play, showing what went right on one, and what went wrong on another.

Then, he focused on one play, late in the Kansas City Chiefs game. He told everyone keep an eye on #23, Keenan Lewis. As they watched, they saw Lewis intercept Chiefs quarterback Tyler Palko to secure a 13-9 win. And on cue, they broke into cheers.

No, it wasn't the team's defensive backs watching the game film. Instead it was a group of female Steelers fans taking part in the Dean's Dairy Women's 202 at the team's practice facility.

"I am totally impressed," said Lake of the ladies football knowledge. "They are not just part-time fans. They are intense about football. They know the details of the game.

"It was a lot of fun. Usually I am talking to my guys. This was fun to be able to talk about my guys and what a special group I have."

Following Lake's classroom instruction the ladies got a rare, behind-the-scenes tour of the practice facility, seeing the six Super Bowl trophies, the weight room and one of the highlights of the night, the locker room.

"I just enjoy the Steelers," said B.J. Holycross, from Woodbridge, Virginia who was attending for the third time. "There is not an organization in the NFL that has more class than the Steelers. That they do these ladies events is fabulous. Everyone we meet is wonderful and welcoming. They are excited for us to be here."

After dinner in the team cafeteria the ladies made their way to the indoor practice field for on-field instructions conducted by quarterback Charlie Batch, receiver Antonio Brown, punter Jeremy Kapinos and long snapper Greg Warren.

"Some of them know a lot about football and really want to learn," said Warren. "Some want to just have fun and mess around. It's fun for us to go out and just do it. We do a couple of these events a year and they are always packed and sold out.

"It's awesome to see them support us so much."

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