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Kolb is Steelers Salute to Service nominee

Jon Kolb is best known to Steelers fans for being a part of an offensive line that helped a prolific offense win four Super Bowl championships in the 1970s, as well as serving as an assistant coach with the team for 10 years.
But he wants to be remembered for more.

"I didn't want playing football to be the biggest thing to ever happen to me," said Kolb. "I wanted to make a difference."

And that is exactly what he is doing now.

Kolb is the Steelers nominee for the NFL's Salute to Service Award presented by USAA. The award recognizes NFL players, coaches, personnel and legends who make a commitment to supporting the military community. 

Kolb has a soft spot in his heart for those who have served in the military after he himself joined the Army National Guard his rookie year with the Steelers, in 1969.

After searching for a way to help others in the service, he founded the non-profit Adventures in Training with a Purpose (ATP) to confront health and movement related issues in vulnerable populations who no longer have the benefit of paid rehabilitation. It allows him to use his Masters Degree in exercise science, combined with his vast knowledge of strength and conditioning as a player, to help others, many of whom are veterans, improve their quality of life.

ATP is focused on improving the lives of men and women who served in the military through purposeful training in an effort to empower them and provide them the freedom to move and perform daily tasks on their own.

Over 50 percent of ATP's clients are active-duty military or veterans, and all receive services free of change at one of two locations in Pennsylvania and a third in Ohio.

"The idea is to give people the freedom to move," said Kolb. "Sometimes you can improve the circumstances for people. You have individuals who are trapped in a prison by their own bodies because they don't have the freedom to move.

"The purpose is to have freedom and a quality lifestyle. I am very passionate about it. Most of us would regret the things we didn't do."

The staff at ATP tailors a plan for each client based on physical wellness and adventure, with training three days a week and the adventure, which ranges from bike trail riding to white water rafting on the fourth day.

In addition, they work with Fortis Future, a community-based comprehensive restorative health program that specializes in the treatment of veterans, military, and first responders dealing with traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, traumatic brain injury and pain in an effort to address all areas.

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