Ken Anderson on Dixon



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Ken Anderson


Quarterback - University of Oregon

5th Round – 156th Overall

It was not imperative to take a quarterback in this draft – can you explain why you took Dennis Dixon?

I think he's a nice-sized quarterback, one who's been very productive.  His last two years in college he had a high-completion percentage.  Great touchdown-to-interception ratio.  He's very athletic, and he's somebody that we think can come in and compete for the third spot.

What do you think of his mechanics?

I think they're pretty good.  He's had some big games, he throws the ball down the field.  I think he's a young guy with a lot of potential.

Medically, some teams have him with a red flag. 

Well, I'm not a doctor to speak about that.  We've looked at it.  Obviously we know he's had surgery.  We think he's progressing nicely, and we're optimistic. He'll be in here next weekend, and we'll have another look at him.

Any plans for him to be a receiver?

No, we're looking at him as a quarterback.

Will he be ready to go when he comes in?

I think he may still be a while away, but again not being a doctor, I'm not exactly sure what the timeframe will be.

Is he still in the Atlanta Braves farm system?

I don't believe so.  I know he played baseball.

Any idea where he might have gone in the draft if he hadn't gotten hurt?

I wouldn't want to speculate on that, but he's a guy that we thought highly of at the quarterback position with the potential he offers.

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