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Keisel: 'You have to always be consistent'

Searching for consistency:

In what's been a seesaw season for the Steelers, one thing that the players are all searching for is consistency. And it's something they can't look ahead for, but just have to find in the here and now.   

"I think we need to get off the focus of stacking wins, and honestly just take it one game at a time and just try to go 1-0 every single week," said safety Mike Mitchell. "We really need to just dumb it down and just be consistent. Every day in practice, every time we play we have to play at a certain standard and level, with a certain amount of technique. We have to do that every game.  That will produce wins and wins back-to-back. Sometimes if you do it good this time and then bad this time, that is where it's inconsistent and it shows in our play."

Defensive end Brett Keisel agrees, and knows that the team has to come forth with the same effort, the same drive every week.

"You have to be consistent week in and week out," said Keisel. "You have to prepare with the same urgency after a win as you do with a loss. You can't just get cranked up after a loss. You have to always be consistent."

Mitchell said the inconsistency is frustrating, especially being that he feels they are beating themselves more than anything.

"It's not necessarily a physical thing where you are being beaten. You are beating yourselves," said Mitchell. "You put so much into it. Everyone cares, it's important to all of us. You don't want to lose, you want to win, you want to win every game. To not win and have it be those reasons is what makes it so frustrating."


Highlight photos from the last regular season match up between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Houston Texans. The Texans defeated the Steelers 17-10.

A look at the Texans:**

When you talk about the Houston Texans, you can't help but focus on their all-everything defensive end, J.J. Watt, who has scored three touchdowns in just six games this season.

"He is a great player," said receiver Lance Moore. "He shows up every single week. People are awed by the things he has done. He was a former defensive player of the year. It shouldn't surprise you he is playing at such a high level."

What the Steelers are saying:Tight end Heath Miller on returning to Heinz Field for three straight home games: "It's always nice to play at Heinz Field and have the support of our home crowd. We have to make it an advantage for us and do it by playing well."

Defensive end Stephon Tuitt: "Every game I am excited, but for Monday Night Football I am pretty excited in Pittsburgh."

Safety Ross Ventrone on being on the active roster: "I'm confident in what I can do. I think they have confidence in me. It's just things work out the way they do and some guys are able to be up some weeks and not. So hopefully it just works out that I can stay up now and help this team out and get back on the winning track."

The Texans perspective:Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick on going against safety Troy Polamalu:"He's always fun to play against just because he's all over the place. It seems like there are four or five of him on the field at times. He's a guy when you watch the film you can just see his passion for the game and how much enjoys playing it. It's fun to play against guys like that."

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