Keisel reels them in


Defensive end Brett Keisel got to mix two of his favorite things, fishing and helping the kids at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, when he hosted a fishing event at Alpine Hunting and Fishing Club on Monday.

Among those having the opportunity to fish with Keisel were patients from the hospital. Keisel hosts his annual Sheer 'Da Beard event to benefit Children's Hospital, is a frequent visitor there, and loved spending time with the kids.

"It's very special," said Keisel. "We tried to do something I love to do and a lot of other people love to do. We had some kids that usually wouldn't have the opportunity to come out and go fishing for giant trout to my secret spot that I don't just let anyone come to.

"I was exciting to go out there and throw a line in with these guys and fish for the morning."

Keisel brought along his five-year old son Jacob, who has learned the ropes of fishing from his dad.

"He likes to go and get the worms," said Keisel. "We just roll an old log over and go and get the worms on our own. That is a fun part. He loves baiting his own hook. He knows how to cast. He knows how to reel it in."

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