Jones: 'We have to be focused'

Linebacker Jarvis Jones isn't sure how many tickets he bought for Sunday's game against the Atlanta Falcons, he just knows it's a lot. Jones, who is from Columbus, Georgia and played at the University of Georgia, will have his own cheering section at the Georgia Dome, filled with family and friends.

"I already spent $4,000 on tickets. I already bought them for my family before this week even," said Jones. "My immediate family, the people who are closest to me will be there. People that kept me focused and on a narrow path. I don't even know how many tickets I got. Whatever $4,000 buys."

Jones doesn't mind whatever he spent, especially since he is back on the field after missing nine weeks with a broken wrist. He returned last week against the Bengals, finishing the game with two assists and a special teams tackle.

"It was great to be back. Being out nine weeks, it's hard to sit over there and watch your team play and you are not able to be involved," said Jones. "It was exciting to be out there last week running around making plays. More than anything we got the win, it was fun and I was excited.

"I was kind of sore after the game being that I hadn't hit until the game. Other than that I was fine."

Jones is pumped for Sunday's game with so much on the line as the Steelers are in the hunt for a playoff spot, but add on to that playing in front of so many family and friends, and he is ready.

"It's a very important game, a game we must win," said Jones. "We have to be focused. I just need to stay focused and keep it all business."

A look at the Falcons:


Coach Mike Tomlin on the Falcons' air attack:**
"On offense it's about Matt Ryan and his eligibles. Starting with Julio Jones and Roddy White, they are a formidable group. Matt makes good and quick decisions. He takes care of the football. He can make any throw on the field. Obviously they are going to stretch us vertically. They do a nice job of protection and they provide you with a myriad of looks. They have a nice group of viable receivers to supplement the guys that I mentioned, whether it's Devin Hester, Eric Weems or Harry Douglas. All are accomplished veteran guys and are capable of delivering and delivering big for them, particularly in situational football. You see that in terms of how they play. They are not opposed to going four-wide. They utilize all those guys."

What the Steelers are saying: Tight end Matt Spaeth on being part of blocking for running back Le'Veon Bell:
"It's fun when you can line up with three tight ends and they know you are going to run the ball and they can't stop it. That's when the game is really fun."

Cornerback Ike Taylor on Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan:
"They call him Matty Ice because he is cool under pressure. If you were watching that Monday night game it looked out of hand in the first half. Matty Ice, Matt Ryan, leads that charge. Matty Ice has some pretty good wide outs and two running backs."

What the Falcons are saying:

Falcons Coach Mike Smith on running back Le'Veon Bell:
"He's not just doing it carrying the ball; he's doing it catching the ball as well. It's going to be a challenge for us. They've got a big strong quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger that's hard to get on the ground. He doesn't move like the quarterback we played this past week, but he does extend plays, so there's going to be some things we definitely have to be better at in this ball game this week than we were last night."* *

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