James Harrison Q & A

Linebacker James Harrison talks anout his health, the Broncos, Peyton Manning and more.On his health"It's coming along."

On if there's any sense of payback"No. It's the first game of the regular season. You're talking about two totally different years and two totally different teams. It's the start of the regular season and we're going out to try to win a game."

On the leadership void now that several veterans have left"There is no void. Those guys will definitely be missed. There are other leaders on this team. There are veteran players that were leaders before they left and there are guys that well step into that role."

On replacement refs"I can't worry about things I can't control."

On since the refs targeted him if he's happy to have a new set of refs
"Like I said, I can't worry about anything that I can't control."

On Peyton Manning and comparing him now to the last time he saw him"Peyton Manning is still Peyton Manning. He's doing everything that he did before. He's doing the same thing now. I see no difference."

On if he sees Manning as a target"I see him as a quarterback that I'm trying to get to, as I see him as any other quarterback that I'd be trying to get to. Injury has no bearing on it. He's a healthy individual. There's nothing wrong with him. He's had surgery, as many other players have had in the NFL."

On any additional issues with the knee"No. They haven't had to drain it or anything since the surgery."

On the burden of not having Safety Ryan Clark on the field"It's definitely a void there, but we have someone that's going to step in and hopefully play just as well, if not better. That's not something that we're going to use as an excuse, but we're looking forward to (someone else) stepping in and playing the position as he's coached."

On how his mood changes as it gets closer to gameday"My mood doesn't change. It's the same, day in and day out. It's a little more focused pregame heading into the actual event. But other than that, I don't change too much."

On the Broncos passing for over 300 yards in the playoff game last year"He played well. That's not tough to take. Anytime you lose, it's tough to take. The fact that he played well doesn't make it any worse or any better. When it comes down to it, he's a professional football player as we are. He's paid to do his job, as we are. He did his job better than us that week."

On the way Manning comes to the line and calls audibles"The fact is, he calls all of his offense from the line. He audibles from what the defense is doing. You have to try and do things to combat that."

On if he believes in revenge games"There is no such thing as revenge games. Only way you can get a revenge game is if you put it in the same situation with the exact same people at the exact same time and it means the exact same thing. There's no way you can get a revenge game."

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