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It's just 'Troy being Troy'


It's been said time and again by Coach Mike Tomlin, teammates, and others when talking about Troy Polamalu and the amazing things he did during his Steelers career. It was fondly referred to as 'Troy being Troy.' And from what we have learned throughout the years, that statement is wide reaching. From on the field, to off the field, the examples of 'Troy being Troy' are everywhere.

Always thinking of others
In his soft-spoken manner, Polamalu humbly always tried to deflect attention away from himself and on to his teammates, on to others who do things in the community, when he was asked about why giving back is important to him. 

"This isn't just about what I do," said Polamalu. "There are a lot of other players on this team proactive in helping the community. There are a lot of people doing a lot of good things. A lot of people come from a background of struggle and we appreciate things and realize how much better our lives could have been if we got a little extra bump, a little extra help and that is the opportunity a lot of us guys are trying to give."

Polamalu had that opportunity when he hosted Polamalu's Polynesian Luau, honoring his Samoan heritage while giving back to others.

The event benefited the Troy & Theodora Polamalu Foundation, in particular the Fa'a Samoan Initiative through which Polamalu hosts camps and the Harry Panos Fund for Veterans, which aids Operation Once in a Lifetime.

Troy's other side

When you saw him on the field, he was like a madman, leaping to make tackles with the long locks flying. Off the field, he was always quiet, humble, never talking about his on-field dominance and accomplishments.

Don't be fooled, though. There is another side to Polamalu. I saw it many times when I was doing interviews with his teammates, and he would walk over and just interject and answer, without having a clue what was being talked about. He would then smile, and quietly walk away, not laughing until he was at least 15 feet away.

And when a camera was on, and he was in the neighborhood, you never knew what he would do. Let's just say there have been plenty of interviews video-bombed by him. Just take a look below.

Training with Troy

Shamarko Thomas almost gushes when talking about Polamalu and is forever grateful for the difference he made in his life. Thomas had the rare opportunity to train with Polamalu, something he had to earn through his actions. Once he did, the invitation was extended for him to go to San Diego and train with him last offseason.

"I was the first person to ever work out with him," said Thomas during training camp last year. "It's an amazing experience just to learn from that type of guy, not just working out, but his mentality, the way he goes about his days, how he takes care of his family and how he puts God first in his life.

"I definitely matured a lot this offseason and it comes from Troy. He always told me, 'don't talk about it. Be about action.'"

Polamalu said that Thomas had plenty of help from the coaches, but when Thomas kept asking to train with him at his house, he knew helping him was the right thing to do.

"I'll do whatever I can to help," said Polamalu. "A lot of guys have expressed interest, but Shamarko was the person who continued to express it. It got to a point where I couldn't say no." 

And then there is this

A lot could be said here about Troy being Troy on the field. You know all about it, the interceptions, the sacks, the hard hits, the leaping over opponents. Yes, this could go on and on, but instead, just click on the video below and watch it all for yourself and enjoy.

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