It's about football & soccer in Mexico City

Steelers Nation is vast, and that has been on display the last few days in Mexico City.

Current and former players, including Ramon Foster, William Gay, Roosevelt Nix, Tyrone Carter, Santonio Holmes, and Joey Porter, took part in football camps hosted by the team for youth and adults.

The Steelers stopped by Azteca Stadium to watch the United States men's national soccer team practice.

It's the sixth year the Steelers have gone to Mexico for the fan camps, and it's something the players enjoy every time.

"What an awesome event the Steelers hosted out here in Mexico, showing the love and passion to our fans to let them know how we appreciate them," said Carter. "Going out on the field and running around with them, showing them some drills, and showing them that we appreciate Steelers Nation and that they are best fans in the world.

"We appreciate everything they did for us here. I enjoyed it. It was a great time. I will always want to be a part of this. I know all of my teammates and the guys here enjoyed it too, seeing the new faces, getting outside the country. It shows how much Steelers Nation has grown throughout the years worldwide."  

While the Steelers were teaching the ins and outs of football, they also took in a little soccer, watching the United States National Team practice as they prepared to take on Mexico in the World Cup qualifier at Estadio Azteca.

"This is a great opportunity to be here in Azteca in Mexico City to watch Team USA with my former teammates," said Holmes. "It's an amazing honor to just be here with the opportunity to root these guys on against team Mexico and know our purpose for being here, to support them. Go Team USA."

The Steelers players and US National players enjoyed interacting with each other, talking about their sport, and sharing stories.

"Whenever we can have athletes from other sports meet our players, it's a great opportunity," said Neil Buethe, Director of Communication for US Soccer. "Our guys get pretty excited to meet these guys who are professionals in other sports. We think it's the same vice versa. We are always welcoming to let them come see how the US National team comes and prepares for our matches."

The mutual respect is definitely there.

"Being here watching the US soccer team has been really put things into perspective," said Carter. "It's great seeing these guys. I found out they run between seven to eight miles a day just practicing and all. They do a lot of running and it shows the love of the game they have and the passion. They are proud to represent the US. That is why I wanted to come see them and congratulate them and show them support. They are playing for the whole country."

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