Inside the Locker Room: Ben Roethlisberger


Will it be weird to look at James Harrison on the other side of the line of scrimmage?Yeah, it's already different watching film and seeing him in a different uniform. I'm sure he'll have his black visor on so we won't be able to see his face too well.Do the Bengals use Harrison similarly to how you used him?They're a different defense, so no.Why did you miss most of the beginning of practice?I just had a personal issue I had to deal with.How do you feel about having Jonathan Dwyer back?It's good to have a brother back, and we know the type of player that he is and the work that he puts in. It's good to have him back.Dwyer wouldn't criticize anything that happened in the running game. What can he bring? What can he add?He adds the Jonathan Dwyer effect. He can be the best running back that he can be, and we'll see what that is this week. **How long does it take to adjust to a new center?It is going to take some time. We'll get as much work in as we can. We were off to the side today in between periods trying to work on the silent count, different snaps and things. I think if we get good work in this week we'll be just fine.Do you expect to see some time with Fernando Velasco as well?Honestly, I don't know. It's up to Coach Tomlin to see how fast he can progress as a natural center. We'll see how fast they want to move him along.Is the priority getting as many snaps as possible from Kelvin Beachum?Yeah, and just getting comfortable with him. That's obviously the most important part to every play, getting the quarterback the ball. That's what we're going to emphasize, and make sure we have it down pat.Are there any adjustments you have to make in terms of making the calls when Beachum is in there?Nope. He knows his stuff, and he'll be just fine.Re: What happened Sunday now that are you are removed from it:The best part about being removed from it is that we can put it behind us. Obviously, we didn't make enough plays. We didn't play well enough, and just didn't get it done, point blank.It seemed there was a lot of optimism heading into the Tennessee game. Does what happened Sunday at all threaten the confidence of the group?No. It's not confidence-threatening. We expect to win every game, no matter who we are playing or where we're playing. We obviously had high expectations going into that game, but it's the NFL. It's any given Sunday, and when you don't play very well, then you're going to get beat.What was good on Sunday?A lot of things. We know about it in here and coaches talked a lot about it. We watched it on film. We put it on boards, and we'll build off of things that we know we need to keep improving on.Re: The Bengals' front four and the challenge they present:They're some of the best defensive linemen in the game. They know how to get after the quarterback. They stop the run and pressure the quarterback. They have a lot of high-energy guys with high-motors. It's a big challenge for us as an offense and for our offensive line.Ryan Clark said that he takes some comfort in guys sticking with the routine and doing the same things as far as preparing. Do you look at that the same way?Absolutely. It's week one. We lost a game in week one. Yeah, we didn't play very well at all on offense, but there's no time to panic right now. The AFC north is all even. Everyone is atop the lead. We'll see how it all irons out after this week. I think the Browns and Ravens play. There will be someone at the top at the end of this.

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