In the Locker Room: Ben talks Bengals


Re: You, Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown putting up huge stats:(It doesn't mean anything) if we don't win. That's what it's all about for me. I am sure those guys would tell you the same thing. That's what this game is about. That's why we play it, to win football games.Re: Bell being named team MVP:It's very well deserved. The things that he did this year in more than just the running game, the passing game, catching the ball, blocking – when you think of an MVP, he is a guy that should come to mind. So I think it was very well deserved.Re: Both teams have clinched playoff berths but will the intensity still be there:It will be from us, and I anticipate it being from them. It's a divisional game. Like you said, we both clinched, but it doesn't really matter. We are playing a divisional opponent at our place. That in itself should be enough.Is there enough on the line since a division title is at stake?Yeah. That's a pretty neat thing. We haven't had one in a while. We would like to get it back. They give you a hat and a t-shirt, which is pretty cool. But we will take the other ones later.Re: Home game as well:That would be big for us too, yes.Can anything you guys did against the Bengals last time carry over into this game?We played a pretty good game in the second half. That is in the past. We are two probably different teams right now, whether it's personnel or plays. We are playing at home. We want to put on a good show for our fans. It's a divisional game against a really good football team. What they did last night to probably one if not the best quarterback of all time really makes you sweat a little bit and maybe lose some sleep.Do you expect to see some of their pre-snap changes like they did last night?We have to anticipate that. A lot of that might have been because Peyton Manning does so much checking and calls audibles. He does so much at the line of scrimmage. Maybe that was to disguise him. Maybe that's what they want to do now. So we will anticipate that. We will also just try to play our game, and hopefully make them adjust to us.Re: Playing in prime time:I think a lot of us around here would have probably liked to have kept it where it was and just played the game. Let's just go do it. But the powers that be changed it. So we will adjust and make the necessary changes and play the game.Do you ever say 'what if' you beat some teams this season?No. We are making the playoffs. We just have to play our best football right now. We aren't there yet but we can keep trying to improve and get better. It will start this week.Does this remind you of the 2005 season?**You would like to say so but we are two different teams. I've always said you have to get hot at the right time and if you can win four in a row going into the postseason, it really gives you a good feeling and a good taste in your mouth. That would be a nice thing to do. Other than that I don't know how much else we could draw parallels between the two teams.

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