In the Locker Room: Ben on Baltimore


Are you going to have to take more on your shoulders if Le'Veon Bell can't play?It's the playoffs. You always have to take more. There's a sense of urgency from all of us. We're not going to rule anybody out yet. I'm not a doctor but we'll see what happens.Are you still fighting whatever illness you had?Well I feel better in my stomach. My throat is still not quite perfect but I'm alright.Re: It being a long time since playing the Ravens and do you feel like you have a different team than you did in September and November:Here we go again playing the Ravens a third time. This is probably what the NFL wanted more than anything to see these two AFC North teams go at it. I like to think we're different. I like to think we're still moving up but I'm sure they'll say the same thing about themselves.How are you guys different?I think we're playing better football. I think we're continuing to improve every week, guys are stepping up and making plays. Those guys are still playing at a high level like they were the last time. We're getting more contributions from a little bit of everybody.Re: What he has seen of Josh Harris and what the expectations are for him:The expectation level is high. He's got big shoes to fill if 2-6 (Le'Veon Bell) can't go. We'll see what happens but I think we have a confidence in him. I think that run that he got called back the other week helps build his confidence as well.Does that run give the Ravens something to think about as well?I hope so. I think it showed everybody – you guys, the fans – just what he's capable of doing. Hopefully we can see more of that and give him some more reps in practice so that he can be ready to go.Is it an advantage that the Ravens don't have much game tape on him?**Maybe. You can only have so many run plays. We'll see.

What kind of challenge does Ben Tate face in terms of learning the playbook?I'm not really sure (of) the schemes, what they've called things and the systems that he's played in. But I think if we can put together a specific package, a few runs here, a few passes there, I think he could help us if we need him to.Would he be a limited participant at best?I would think so. I don't know how he can come in in a couple days and learn the whole offense.Re: Everything that happened with LeGarrette Blount and Tate leaving Cleveland and if there is any concern that Tate may not be a team player:I haven't even had a chance to talk to him yet but we've seen what he can do on the football field. So if he can help this team, I know he stood up in our team meeting room and said he's just here to help us win. If that's the attitude, the mindset we're all for it.Was that more than you've ever heard from Harris this year?(Laughing) You know what, he's becoming more vocal every week. Every week he gets more reps and more plays but he's a guy that just puts his head down and plays ball.Do you have to worry about Baltimore's pass rush?No. The guys up front will be ready to go. This is the playoffs. If you don't get up for this there's something wrong with you. I think the boys up front are going to take it on themselves that they're going to have to raise their level just like everyone else does.Do you remember what was the first moment that the Steelers/Ravens rivalry is real?The first game I played against them.What was different in playing them?It just was. You have to be in it to know it I guess.What do you remember about the 2008 and 2010 playoff games with Baltimore?Is that the game that A.B. (Antonio Brown) the one on his helmet? I'm not like Charlie Batch (where) he could remember every single play from every season. I'm not that type of guy. But I can remember that play. I remember it just as a play that a young guy that no one really knew of yet that much. We put him in. I told coach, 'Let's just send him deep, they'll never expect it.' And he goes right by the guy and catches it on his head. To me that's the one that sticks out the most.Does the offense change drastically if Bell doesn't play?I don't know drastically. There will be certain things that we'll not be able to do (and) maybe not do as much. We may not do as much screening. We may do more screening. I don't know. We're still in the process of trying to form there perfect plan. It's a really good defense and they're I think second in the league in stopping the run or first in the league in stopping the run. It's going to be a tough task for us.Re: Bell having only 20 yards on 10 carries when you beat Baltimore in November and does that mean anything:No. I think it just shows that they're a run stopping defense. I anticipate they'll try that again. Who knows, we have to be ready for everything. They may sit back and say that we threw the ball against them and they'll sit back in zones and give us the run. We'll go into the game with a plan and we always have to be ready to change the plan and make adjustments to the plan as we go.Did they do something to make it easier to pass that game in defending Bell?Bringing guys up, trying to stop the run, bringing guys in the box it leaves more 1-on-1 opportunities in the back end. Some zone holes for tight ends and wide receivers to get into. When you got Antonio Brown it makes passing the ball a lot easier.Where does Haloti Ngata rank among the great players that you've faced in this rivalry and what makes him so good?He's tough. He can the run. He can rush the passer. You don't usually get that from an interior guy. Usually that's the outside guys. Just the physical presence that he is is what makes him so good. What drives you more the love to win or the hatred of losing?I don't know. I think that's the lifelong question you ask an athlete. I hate to lose, love winning but I think when you lose it's kind of everybody. You let everybody down. So to me that's the disappointing part.  

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