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Horton on Burnett



Ray Horton
Cornerback, Central Florida
5th Round - 168th Overall
Ray Horton:

It's like déjà vu all over again. This time we selected Joe Burnett from Central Florida. The first thing you will probably see is his stats. He is 5-9 ½, 198 pounds and he runs a 4.5 40 – you will look and say he is just a guy. When you look at him statistically, he is very productive. He is a return man – both kickoff and punt, and he gets interceptions. He is a guy who was a playmaker for them, and we expect him to be a playmaker for us in a multitude of ways. I am not going to compare him to Antwaan Randle El, but hopefully on the defensive side that is what he can be – a guy who can do a multitude of things for us. He is a guy who will come in and compete at corner in the nickel and as a return man. He will make his living at the start as a third-down type of corner and as a returner. After he grows into the position, if he can pick off the ball and return it for touchdowns like that he will be on the field quite a bit.
Did you expect to have such a busy day?
I had hoped. These are two guys, Keenan Lewis and Joe Burnett, I had targeted high. Not first-round high, but players I would love to have on our team to contribute and help make us better. I think that by far we exceeded my expectations on what we had.
What about them specifically made you think that?
Keenan Lewis, as I stated earlier and will reiterate again, is a player who can do some things that you like to do in the NFL, especially with the type of receivers that are in the league right now. Joe is the type of player who isn't as big as Keenan, but he is a guy who is a little more elusive and a better athlete at the ball with his return abilities. It is a good mix having a big, strong corner and having a smaller, athletic corner. It's a good balance to have on your team.

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