Honored for their commitment to education


The 18th Annual "Gala Pittsburgh Sports Night" was held at Heinz Field on Wednesday night, honoring two individuals with induction into the North Side Hall of Fame, including one who has been there since the beginning.

Steelers merchandise manager Tim Carey helped start the event, which benefits Northside Catholic School, providing assistance to help those unable to meet the financial requirements for a Catholic education and to aid the school's operation. He has been there from the ground floor, giving his heart and soul to the event as he is someone who understands the importance of a Catholic education, having gone through his life in Catholic schools, and sent his daughters to Catholic schools as well.

"I think Catholic education is really important," said Carey. "I just want to congratulate all of the parents that make the sacrifice to send their kids to the Catholic schools. I know it's a hardship, but I felt for myself it was worth it. I want to thank everyone for their support of the school."

Also honored was Pirates manager Clint Hurdle, who through all of his various charitable endeavors has made a huge difference in the lives of children in the Pittsburgh area, including on the North Side where the Pirates play.

Steelers Merchandise Manager Tim Carey and Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle were honored on Thursday night at the 18th Annual Gala Pittsburgh Sports Night when they were inducted into the North Side Hall of Fame.

"Investing in the youth is important to each and every person here and it's obviously something that I have plugged into," said Hurdle. "A flawed man standing in front of you. I am growing, I am learning, I am trying to get better each and every day. I have grown. My faith has played an important part, my wife has played an important part, and many friends have played an important part.

"Basically at the end of the day our youth, we have to grow them up. They are the next generations of leaders, doctors, lawyers or servants. If we model the behavior we want to instill in others, our youth will have a wonderful chance to grow up. We have to do the right thing first. We have to act right, talk right and find a way to be better people. There are two kinds of people in the world and in sports. Those that are humble, and those that are about to be. I have been the latter way too long and I am trying to become the former a little more each and every day."

Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney, former Pirates owner Kevin McClatchy and Pittsburgh Bishop David Zubik chaired the event, and Steelers Rob Golden and Roosevelt Nix, along with Steelers and Pirates alumni, were also on hand.

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