Hoge to be part of USO Tour

Three former players with a commitment to community service will soon embark on an NFL-USO tour. ESPN analyst and former Steelers running back Merril Hoge, ESPN and NFL Network analyst Matt Millen and Pro Football Hall of Fame member Anthony Munoz will travel to meet and greet members of the U.S. military for several days in the Persian Gulf.

The NFL and the USO have organized overseas morale-boosting visits for 45 years. In 1966, the NFL teamed with the USO and became the first sports organization to send a group of players to Vietnam and other parts of Asia to demonstrate the league's support for America's troops.

"I feel honored to go over there and in some way bring a little bit of relief to people who fight for me every day," said Hoge.  "Every time I lay my head down I night, I am thankful for what they do to protect our country and serve. We'll spend time there with the men and women who lay their life on the line everyday and it's such a small sacrifice and an honor to be able to go over there and experience that."

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