Heyward doing his part

You know you are having a good night when you are singing Jingle Bells, playing with over-sized stuffed animals, checking out Steelers' onesies and getting your picture taken with Cameron Heyward.

Add to that some Christmas shopping, and it was perfection for a group of kids from the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh.

Steelers Cameron Heyward took kids from the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh on a holiday shopping spree.

Heyward took a group of kids shopping at JCPenney at Ross Park Mall, with each child getting a gift card to buy presents for those on their Christmas list, and get a little something special for themselves too.

"This is pretty amazing," said Todd Brinkman, Vice President of Youth Development for the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh. "It's the star on top of the tree for them. Them being able to go out and shop, think about others, and be able to help out in the whole process of giving to others is really neat. They are getting gifts, but they are shopping for everybody and get to make those choices."

The kids had their lists ready, some wanting to buy jewelry for their mom, others a Steelers mug for

dad and others toys for their siblings.

"It's awesome," said Heyward. "To be able to work with the kids and have them shop not just for themselves, but others is special. It makes for a special holiday.

"For these kids to come here and buy presents for their families, it goes a long way. I remember when I was young I didn't have a chance to because I didn't have any money. It's an awesome opportunity to get to do that."

Heyward is no stranger to giving back to the community, something he learned the importance of from his family growing up, and has continued since he got to the NFL.

"It's just an awesome thing to be able to give back," said Heyward. "I like to do it just because everybody deserves to have a great Christmas. These kids want that too. Everybody deserves to have a good holiday."

From the looks on the kids' faces, the smiles, and their hands filled with gifts, it looked like they will have a good holiday.   "You see a lot of hearts open up this time of year," said Brinkman. "It's the season of giving for everybody and the Steelers have been so great to the community."

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