Heath Miller quotes


How do you look at this season overall?

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I don't think I really had the chance to take a full step back.  The game is still so fresh on our minds.  I don't think we have had a chance to see the grand scheme of things yet.

You guys still kicking yourselves over the game?

I think it will be on our minds for a while.  Especially when Sundays and Saturdays roll around and we will see other teams playing.  That's when it will kind of hit me, that's for sure.

You caught a lot of passes for a lot of yards; do you think that is kind of how your role will evolve?

I think it still depends on what the defense does.  Jacksonville was dropping everybody deep.  Santonio (Holmes) made a couple of big plays and they didn't want to get beat deep so, the underneath stuff was open.

Are you alright health-wise going into the offseason?

I'm ok, fortunately.  Normal bumps and bruises but nothing major.

Can you talk about the positives that can be taken from this year?

Like I said, I'm sure the next couple of weeks when you have more time to reflect on the grand scheme of things you can find some things, but right now I feel we are all a little disappointed with how it ended.

What's the process like when it is the final game of the season?

Like I said, every time we turn on the TV and see a playoff game being played, you kind of kick yourself.  I know last year the hardest part for me, during the week you put it away but when it comes time Sunday to kick the football off again, you see other teams playing and that is when everything comes back to your mind.

Were you surprised you didn't pass on the last drive before the Jacksonville game-winning field goal?

We were ahead in the game.  We wanted to take some time off the clock.  The coach had called some plays that we felt like they should have worked.  Maybe we should have executed them better.  It is on the players' shoulders to get the job done.

What do you think this team needs to get to the next level?

It's not for me to decide.  I think from a player standpoint we need to expect ourselves to execute better.  We have to have full faith in the coaches, putting the pieces together and giving us the tools and preparing us to win.  I feel like they did that this year.

What is your take on the way that Bruce Arians ran the offense this year?

I thought he did a good job.  I thought he did a great job of working everyone into the game plan.  A lot of times we were down early, especially the games that we lost, we got down by a bunch early and that takes you away from your game plans.  So in that respect it is kind of hard to stick to your guns when you are down two or three scores, you kind of have to open up and just throw the ball.  Seemed like this year that was the case for us in all of the games we lost.  We got down early, we fought back but most of the time it wasn't enough.

Did you have your talk with Mike (Tomlin) yet?

No.  In a couple minutes I think.

How long will it take to recharge?

Probably a month or so.  Seems like in the season it starts dragging on and dragging on and it feels like it is going to take a while but it comes back quicker than you expect.  Especially watching other guys play when you want to be playing.  Kind of gets that fire burning again.

Do you expect many new faces next year?

I haven't even thought of it to be honest with you.  I don't even know who is a free agent at this point.  I have no clue.

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