Hearing from the Browns

Browns Coach Pat ShurmurIf Colt McCoy is healthy, will he play this week?We have to first see if he is going to make it back. We will talk about that when he is cleared, and he practices and plays. At this point he hasn't been cleared.Would it just be safer to let him rest this last game?As we get closer to game time, for a guy that hasn't practiced much, none since the last time we played the Steelers, we have to start thinking about that as we move forward. Any player now is fighting to get back that is dealing with an injury. He is one of them. Each case is different and separate.Who do you think will be starting at quarterback for the Steelers?I don't know what to think. Let me just say this, after my first year as a head coach, nothing in this league surprises me. I don't know. I do know Ben Roethlisberger is a competitor. I am sure he wants to play and help his team. We saw him battle through in the game against the 49ers. You have a guy that is a competitor, and you have a backup quarterback that can go in and execute, and win a game, like he proved last week. And you have a very smart coaching staff that will do the right thing.Does not knowing who will be the Steelers' quarterback affect your game planning?Not really. I think what happens is that they have such good skill players at all positions. Both quarterbacks do a great job of distributing the football to the playmakers. So that's not any different. One thing about Roethlisberger, you can hit him as hard as you want and sometimes he doesn't go down. I think in terms of the style and types of plays that they are going to call, they are probably going to be similar.Is this just another game on the schedule or is there more to this game?Our focus is to prepare and win the game. It's not about what it's going to do to the other team but really it's about what it's going to do for our team, winning the game. There are always scenarios involved with a game. We are going into this game thinking it's our last game of the season, and we want to win it. That's where we are at. Do you still have to fear the Steelers' defense despite the fact that they haven't forced many turnovers?This is a defense to be respected, for sure. We respect what they are. They challenge everything. We know that any time we play the Steelers, it's going to be a physical contest. That's again what we are expecting. The last game is fresh in our minds. It was a tough battle.Re: Charlie Batch's performance:He did an outstanding job. It was close for most of the game. He handled it well. I don't want to say – I don't like the phrase that he managed the offense. He did some things to help the team win. They ran the ball. They took care of the ball. They made some plays throwing the ball, and they found a way to win 27-0. That goes in the win column for Batch. He played well.What does that say about Batch?A veteran quarterback and a backup quarterback do not get many reps. One of the attributes that you need to have as a backup is that you need to go in and function, and execute well with very little preparation. I think Batch has displayed that. It doesn't surprise me. I am sure that's why he is a valuable member of that team.

Browns Defensive Lineman Jabaal SheardWhat does this game mean to your team?It means a lot. We have the chance to mess up someone else's season. It's a playoff game, basically. It's an old-time rivalry.Do you expect Ben Roethlisberger to play?Of course I do. He's a tough dude. The game is going to mean a lot, whether they get home-field advantage. He's a tough guy, and I expect him to be out there.Are your teammates playing for their jobs and positions for next season?No, guys just want to play football. Everybody in our locker room loves to play the game. We know what it means to them. Everybody wants to go out with a win.Have you proved people wrong with your rookie season?I guess. I just play my heart out. I got more comfortable towards the end of the season. I was a little shaky in the beginning of the season. I wish we had more chances. This is the kind of year I thought I should have had, if not better. It panned out fairly well. I am just looking to finish it off right.Re: First meeting against the Steelers:It was a tough loss. It was a close game. It's just been like that all season. We have to finish and win games.Re: Frustrating season:It's been tough. All those losses, at least most of them were pretty close. We haven't really gotten blown out by any teams. I don't know, whatever you want to call it, the trash of the NFL – nobody respects you. I think we have a lot of good guys that play their heart out and give their all on the field. We are this close to winning. Hopefully next year we will have a better season.Would a win this Sunday gain you some respect?Probably not. Guys are just thinking that we're going to have to prove a lot next season. But it would be a great start to the new year. It would be something to bounce off of when we come back next year.

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