Hearing from the Broncos

Coach John FoxRe: Von Miller's injury and Elvis Dumervil:Any time you are playing with one-and-a-half hands, it can be problematic. He's had a great season. He is still creating some havoc. Both Miller and Dumervil do an outstanding job.Do defenses change the way they attack Tim Tebow during the game?There are a lot of ways to handle mobile quarterbacks. We've gotten in positions where we were one dimensional. When you play catch-up late in the game, you start to handle different guys in different ways. We've gotten more pressure with man coverage lately.Re: Deciding to change the offense to suit Tebow:Part of coaching is putting players in a position to utilize their strengths, so they can have the most success. When you do that, your team is going to have success. We got off to a slow start. We had a lot to do, and we had to get to know the team. With the lockout, having a new staff, just getting to know your players, I had to have name tags on them for the first couple of weeks. We started off 1-4. It's hard to pin that on one guy, but typically that's the position you change (quarterback). We went with Tebow. We grew with him, and we did things that we thought were strengths of his.Can you continue to run the football like your team has?Defenses and their defensive coordinators are too good in this league. I think you need balance. We are striving for that. We threw the ball 22 times last week. We pretty much have a 30-20 formula. We just weren't efficient in throwing the ball a week ago as we were in the past.Re: Brian Dawkins:He's day-to-day. He did not participate today. We just did our injury report. We will see what tomorrow brings.Has Ben Roethlisberger not been himself the past few games?Not at all. I think the only game you could notice the difference was the game at San Francisco. Since that game, he's the same, very gifted, very physical Ben Roethlisberger.Re: Antonio Brown:Both he and Mike Wallace are very good deep threats. He's a huge threat in the return game as well. They have a pretty good stable of wideouts. Both of those guys are threats for sure.

Quarterback Tim TebowThis is your first playoff game as a starter. Can you go through what is in your mind right now?It's very exciting for me. It is a great opportunity. We get to play the Pittsburgh Steelers. It is very exciting. The legend of the Pittsburgh Steelers is pretty exciting. It is going to be fun. We get to play against Big Ben, and the great Steelers defense, so I think it is a great honor for us and we are very excited about it.Is Beg Ben a guy whose career you have followed at all? He is also at times an out of the box player.Well he is, and I have been able to watch him play for quite a few years now, and he is a very good quarterback, and he has done what a lot of quarterbacks have wanted to do, and that is win championships. He just plays the game at a very high level, and he is very successful at it. So I have watched him, absolutely. John Elway said today that he was hoping you would pull the trigger a bit more, what do you take that to mean?I think probably that you are not always going to have guys open. You have to pull the trigger and put it in tight windows. You have to be smart and cautious, but at the same time you have to be aggressive too.You continue to stand up to the critics and answer with your play on the field. What do you do to continue to live up to your hype?I'm not worried about any of that. For me is just going out there, and playing the best game I can play, and try to lead the Denver Broncos, and hopefully we can get a victory versus a very good team. It will be exciting and great playing at our home stadium, and we are excited about it.At this point it has to be accurate to say that you are as popular, and maybe as polarizing of an athlete as there is in this country. Why do you think that is?I am not sure, but I do thank the Lord that I have the opportunity to live out my dream every day to play quarterback at the NFL. There are pros and cons that go a long with anything, just as with popularity, a lot of pros and cons go along with it, and a lot of things aren't always the most fun to deal with but there are a lot of fun things. I can walk into a hospital, and talk to most kids, and hopefully make them smile, and give them a brighter day, so there are a lot of good things that go a long with it.Are you comfortable with people viewing you as a religious symbol?I don't think I am a religious symbol. I am just somebody that has a relationship with Jesus Christ, and if they see that in me, that will be a huge honor. Hopefully they just see someone that loves other people, loves what he does, tries to get better every day, and tries to be someone that goes out there and tries to make other peoples' lives a little better. So hopefully that is more of how I am viewed.Who on the Steelers defense is most threatening?I guess you can take your pick. They have a lot of great players. Obviously Troy Polamalu, James Harrison, LaMarr Woodley. There are so many guys that you can name that are great players, and they all step up and make plays, and that is one of the reasons that they are always a great defense is because they have so many guys that always step up, and play big, and it is not always the same guy. They are coached very well, they play fast, they play hard, and it is a very exciting challenge. What do you remember about playing with Maurkice Pouncey?I love Pouncey. He is a great guy to play with, a great friend, and I am proud of the success he had, and he deserves it. He is a competitor. He is someone you want in your huddle, and he is someone you want around.Have defenses changed the way they have played you down the stretch in the final three games?Every defense has played a little bit different, so I think for us we just have to be prepared for how they come out and play us, and make good sideline adjustments.Are you going to need to throw and complete passes to win this game?I think for us our goal is just to be balanced. To continually keep defenses off balance by not knowing if it is run or pass, and be able to hit big play-actions.What do you see when you turn on the tape and you see Polamalu? Have you ever seen anything like it?He is a great player, and he just flies around and makes plays, and you always have to know where he is. What a career he has had, and he is just a big-time play maker.What did you know about Dick LeBeau before you got to the NFL and what do you think about the matchup of wits going against him?I've heard of Coach LeBeau for a long time, and everything he has done in the NFL, and the defense that he has coached, and how good they are. I have been a football fan for as long as I can remember, so watching his defenses has always been something that has been exciting and it's an honor to get to play against it.

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