Hearing from the Bengals

Coach Marvin LewisIf I told you eight weeks ago that your team would be 6-2, what would you say?I'd be disappointed.Do you think you should be 8-0?Well, that's what we are playing for, right?Is this Andy Dalton kid for real?He keeps playing, and he is who we are. One day at a time.He doesn't look like a rookie on the field.We felt as we entered into the draft, that the guys we selected, we had to feel like he could carry the baton and we felt Andy could do that.Pittsburgh's defense is not getting very many takeaways. Is it anything that teams are doing like being more careful or is Pittsburgh unlucky?I don't know this right now, but we haven't had very many interceptions either. I haven't compared stats to last year but in my opinion I think turnovers might be down right now in the NFL and it is an interesting thing. But as well as they are playing on defense right now, you are right, they haven't been having the big takeaways that they have had. Those things come in bunches and that's what we harp with our guys. I don't know who the Steelers play a week from now, but I hope they get a lot of turnovers, and this week we continue the drought.Wouldn't you think with the ball getting put in the air as much as it is these days that the ball would be turned over more, or are the rules maybe making defensive backs cautious with how they approach the ball?I don't know that. I think obviously defensive backs have adjusted and are playing well within the rules, and know that there are still some calls being made on Sunday that I'm sure when we ask for clarification with the officials on Monday that they are saying, well that is probably not what was intended. But I think as the year goes on and as time goes on, the defensive backs, just like we have had to adjust year after year in different ways, will continue to adjust.Can you talk about Mike Wallace and the threat that he has become for the Steelers?He is an incredible threat. He has great vertical speed but they are doing things where he is moving around, playing different spots, and you just have to be conscious of where he is all of the time. It is a lot like when Jimmy Smith was down there in Jacksonville. You thought you were in good shape, but the ball just kept coming and they out ran the ball at times. I think that is what happens. The defensive back feels like the ball should be here and oh, not yet, we have another ten yards, and then that is when the jets kick in and then he goes by you.

Quarterback Andy DaltonLast year at this time you were getting ready for San Diego State. This is a big difference in your life, right?That's right. It's a big difference. It's crazy what a year brings. I feel like there's a lot that's happened in the past year, getting drafted. I got married, and I moved to a new city. There's a bunch of things. I feel blessed just to be in the position I am in. I am excited about the opportunity in front of me.You are not overwhelmed. What's been the key to that?It's just staying level-headed and not putting too much pressure on anything. It's just going out and playing. I think that's really helped me out.Can you talk about playing against Coach (Dick) LeBeau's defense?They do a really good job of disguising things, moving around. They try to confuse you. It's going to be a big test for us. It's going to come down to the preparation that we have this week. It's going to be a good test for us.Isn't that normal though for a team to try to confuse you, since you are a rookie?Yeah, I think people definitely have that attitude to throw more things at me. It's about how we adjust. I feel like I've done a good job handling all those well.What would it mean to beat the Steelers?I think it would be great to be 7-2. I think that's a big thing. The Steelers are a great team, and they are the next one on the schedule. If we can get to 7-2, it would mean a lot because it would keep us going to where we are trying to get.How excited is the city for this game?Everybody is excited. The game is sold out. I think there is just a lot of people excited for this week.

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