'He will continue to improve and get better'

Why you should be excited about fifth-round pick Zach Gentry:

He has room to grow: Gentry, 6-foot-8 and 265 pounds, is relatively new to the tight end position, so he's still developing as a player.

"He's a good football player, long frame," tight ends coach James Daniel assessed. "He went to Michigan as a quarterback, and he's converted to tight end. He's had a couple years of experience playing there. He's a guy we are excited about getting in and getting to work with."

He's committed to getting better: "He can become a good blocker, I think," Daniel said. "I think the kid is excited about it and willing."

He's traveled an NFL path: "He's learning how to become an NFL tight end," General Manager Kevin Colbert said. "Playing in an NFL scheme coming out of Michigan, he's got a good start on it.

"He will continue to improve and get better."

Added Gentry: "I saw a lot of people come through Michigan onto the professional football field. It helped me first of all going up against those guys in practice each day, competing against them, and working out with them. It's just that part of it that prepares you for the NFL, along with the way the Michigan program is run and type of offense we run, as well."

He's productive: Gentry caught 49 passes for 817 yards and four touchdowns over the last two seasons, including 32 for 514 yards and two scores last season, when he led Michigan with 11.2 yards per target.

He's hard to miss: "I'm a big target, but I think I'll be able to take some hits, as well, because of my size," Gentry said.

He's seen the Devin Bush magic firsthand: "I can't say enough good things about Devin Bush," Gentry said. "He's a great teammate, a great leader, just a freak athlete. I don't think they could have picked anybody better in the first round. He's so fast, great leverage, gets underneath you and he thumps you. I think that's a tremendous pick."

He doesn't see Bush's size (5-11, 234) as an issue: "Oh, absolutely not," Gentry insisted. "No. Devin Bush's skill set, his motor, it's not going to matter whatsoever."

He has football bloodlines: Gentry's grandfather Bill was the fifth coach from the state of New Mexico to be inducted into the National High School Hall of Fame with 305 wins over his 38-year coaching career.

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