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"Hash Marks" Harris: Week 15 Recap

**Spot On

QBsCam Newton was the highest scoring QB last week, totaling nearly 50 points, thanks to six total touchdowns.Russell Wilson continued his dominance as he put up 24 points.Matthew Stafford threw three touchdowns to help the Lions win on the road. I wasn't big onDerek Carr **last week. He threw two picks.

RBs  Doug Martin totaled 10 points, and DeAngelo Williamsregistered 12 points, not too bad. I said LeSean McCoy was done, and he ended up getting hurt. Not what I meant by done.

WRsOdell Beckham, Jr.lost his mind but still totaled 14 points.Demaryius Thomasscored twice as he registered 18 points. Brandon Marshallwas held to just 74 receiving yards. A.J. Greenhad just 37.TEs
Solid picks in this group last week. Greg Olsen had one score and totaled 14 points. Julius Thomastotaled eight points. Rob Gronkowski had 12 points. Jason Wittendid nothing against the Jets.Defense/Special Teams
The Seahawkstotaled 12 points. I said to avoid the Steelers, Eagles and Rams. Neither team had more than five points.Better Luck Next TimeQBsCarson Palmeris having an MVP-like season, but he didn't have to do much last week as the Cardinals' rushing attack led the charge. Ben Roethlisberger, well, he put up 24 points despite two interceptions. And Eli Manningtotaled 22 points. I wasn't high on Roethlisberger or Manning.RBsChris Ivorywas one of my likes, but he only recorded 37 rushing yards. Devonta Freemanhad a good game, totaling 16.1 points. Todd Gurley also had a good game, recording 14 points.


WRs* I don't like Ben Roethlisberger this week, therefore I don't likeAntonio Brown. Yes. I said that. Yes, I was so wrong.Larry Fitzgerald *andCalvin Johnson** did absolutely nothing.

TEsGary Barnidgewas the lone bright spot for Cleveland, as he totaled nine points. Delanie Walkerhad two scores despite facing a good defense.Defense/Special Teams
The Jaguarstotaled three points, and the Broncostotaled five points.

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