Green: 'It's a totally different animal'

Tight end Ladarius Green joked on Monday that it's been so long since he has played that he feels like "I have retired and come back or something."

He is just hoping that the comeback he is talking about comes sooner rather than later.

Green, who signed with the Steelers during free agency, was placed on the physically unable to perform list prior to the start of the regular season, requiring him to miss the first six games of the year. He is now eligible to return and is hoping that he can get on the field this week in practice and be ready to go.

"I might finally get a chance to go on the field and play and practice," said Green.
"That is exciting. I feel pretty good. It's been a while since I have played, a while since I have practiced. I feel good. I am excited to get back out there and see what I can do."

Green said any decision on a timetable for his return is up to the coaches, and with the way the tight ends, including Jesse James, Xavier Grimble and D.J. Johnson are playing, he knows he has a lot to prove.

"I am still trying to make the team," said Green. "I am new to it. The tight ends have been playing well so far. I have to try and find a spot there because they have been doing so great at it. Hopefully I can bring something. I am just trying to make the team. I haven't shown anything. They don't know what I can do. The tight ends having been playing well so far. I am just trying to get on the field right now."

Green has been dealing with an ankle injury that has sidelined him for months now, but said the last obstacle to overcome was the ability to jump on it, something he is comfortable with now.

"I had a problem jumping and getting spring in the ankle," said Green. "It's come a long way."

While he was out he worked on the mental aspect of the game, but said putting that on the field is a completely different thing.

"It's a big difference," said Green. "That is the whole point of why I don't know when I am going to play. You can learn as much as you want to but until you go on the field and actually go through it, it's a big difference.

"I had a good little while to learn the playbook. I learned it pretty much and am pretty good at it. Until you go on the field and run it, it's a totally different animal."

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