Going the Extra Mile for kids


For most, it was an afternoon of golf; an opportunity to relax and enjoy some time on the links.

But for children in Pittsburgh's inner city, the majority that have never stepped foot on a golf course, it was much more.

The 17th Annual Extra Mile Education Foundation Golf Outing, hosted by Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin, was a chance for them to continue to get the type of education they so desire, without the financial burden that can sometimes come with it.

"Any time I get the opportunity to involve myself with kids and their education, it's a great opportunity," said Tomlin. "This organization has been doing it at a high level for a long time.

"I am a proponent with education anything is possible. Getting the opportunity to provide alternate education experiences for young people, and urban young people, is a great thing."

The Extra Mile Education Foundation, funded by corporate donations and charitable events, came about when several schools in the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh inner city neighborhoods were in fear of closing. Parents fought for the education to continue, and the Extra Mile Education Foundation was born, merging several schools together and then helping to subsidize the education in the low-income communities.

"We knew the schools were important and they had to stay vibrant and exist," said Ambrose Murray, the foundation's executive director. "We wanted to help children in the inner city get the education they need through a group of Catholic elementary schools so they can have a successful life."

While Tomlin didn't golf, he and Steelers President Art Rooney II (shown below with former Pittsburgh Pirates owner Kevin McClatchy) spent time talking with the golfers and showing their support for the cause.

"When you are a partner with the Steelers people take notice and get to know about you and that means the world to us," said Murray. "The Steelers have been our partners since we got started. 

"Mike Tomlin means a lot. The support of this cause is in his DNA. He believes in it. People love to see him. He is a wonderful man. We are thrilled about today because everyone comes out and joins the party of supporting the kids."

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