Getting to Know: L.J. Fort

By Jamie Swimmer Intern

L.J. Fort
Linebacker Northern Iowa 2nd Season

Who is your football mentor or inspiration?One of them is from my rookie year, when I first came in the league, D'Qwell Jackson. I was second string behind him and he's one of the great linebackers. He led the league in tackles for a few years and he taught me the ropes my rookie year. Other than that Charles Woodson is one of my favorite players of all time.**

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What motivates you? God, first and foremost. He's my total inspiration. The only reason I'm out here is to glorify him. I look at this game of football and he blessed me with these abilities to be above-average in football so I want to use them to worship him. What is your football mindset? Warrior, that's it. When you get on the field it is an opportunity to inflict punishment on somebody else. Why do you play football? It's just a passion of mine and with this God-given ability I feel like I would be wasting my talent if I didn't play. What is your proudest football moment or memory? My proudest football memory would have to be in high school when we won the state championship. But as far as the NFL goes, my first game I sacked and picked off Michael Vick. I grew up watching Michael Vick, so that was an incredible feeling. When you hear Steelers football, what do you think? Toughness. I think of Jack Lambert and all of those mean guys. Joe Greene smashing people to the ground and pointing in their face and stuff like that. I love it. What do you like about Pittsburgh? **The fans are insane. This is the fifth team that I've been on and it's crazy. I got in a taxi one day and the dude asked me my name, it was my first week here, and I said, "L.J." And he was like, "Oh, L.J. Fort, you just signed to the practice squad?" And I was like, "That's crazy."

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