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Getting To Know: Coty Sensabaugh

Coty Sensabaugh Cornerback Clemson 6th Season

* Who is your football mentor or inspiration?*

I would say my biggest mentor is probably my cousin Gerald Sensabaugh. We grew up together. He played in the league for eight years. He retired from the Cowboys in 2013, so I would say him. He taught me how to become a better football player, a better man, I am going to be a father, how to be that, how to be a better husband. All around just how to be a better human being. We grew up together so just to see his maturation was big for me.
What motivates you?

Being the best I can be and leaving a legacy for my family.  **

What is your approach to football? **

To do whatever it takes to win and to maximize what God has blessed me with to be the best I can be on and off the field.

Why do you play football?
I love it. It's something I grew up doing. I feel like it kept me out of a lot of trouble. It showed me the world. I met a ton of people that I will have relationships forever because of this game. It changed my life forever. * When did you start to dream about playing in the NFL?*

It became a dream for me when my first cousin, Teddy Gaines, he was the first* *family member I saw make it to the NFL. I was eight or nine years old. When I saw it, it became a goal for me. He was the first one in our family to make it in the NFL.

What is it like to have other family members who played in the NFL?
It shows you that anything is possible. I am big on visualizing. I never thought it was possible until I saw somebody else do it. Then I saw another cousin do it. It just made it that much more realistic for me. I knew I could do it if I did all of the things they did right. **  * What is your proudest football moment or memory? *

Winning the ACC Championship at Clemson. We were the first team to do it since 1981. Obviously now they won a few more ACC Championships and the National Championship. Hopefully I will change that moment this year with the Steelers winning the Super Bowl. * When you hear Steelers, what do you think?*

Dominance. It's America's team in my opinion. Everywhere I go I see Steelers shirts, hats, and things on cars. Everywhere I go I see Steelers stuff.

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